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August 16, 2019

Adam Hadwin

Carmel, Indiana

ADAM HADWIN: Definitely going to need two more. Guys are making birdies in bunches out there and fortunately I'm one of them here the first two rounds. I put myself in a good position but a lot of golf left.

Q. How fortunate were you to be first out today? The golf course felt likes it was different. I'm sure you're hoping it would blow a little harder this afternoon.
ADAM HADWIN: Come on. We never wish harm against our opponents. It was nice to be able to walk at our own pace. We set a nice pace out there as a group and it's nice to be able to get into a rhythm, which you don't often get sometimes.

So, it was just an enjoyable day. Hit some good shots, make a couple nice putts on the backside and able to get in good.

Q. This golf course felt like yesterday -- you had to attack today. 16 was kind of an interesting spot to be in. If you're in that attack mode you try to chase something. You took your medicine and almost made a birdie out of it, anyway.
ADAM HADWIN: That was probably one of the greatest fan reactions I ever had on the golf course. Joe and I knew exactly what was going on back in the fairway. But, you know, it's kind of a course that's played sneaky easy so far the first two days. You didn't expect that, I don't think in the Pro-Am with the length it is, but greens still being so receptive. Guys taking advantage. We'll see what happens this weekend forecast and weather and all that. I'm in a good spot.

Q. Two more low ones. Make a move this week.
ADAM HADWIN: Thank you.

Q. Two good days of work to start off with. Something along those lines.
ADAM HADWIN: I'll take it. I'll take the four.

Q. Adam, nice work tout there. Get some comments on your day.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, little more "scrambly". Didn't hit as many fairways. Lucky to kind of draw some good lies in the rough and be able to hit some good shots in. Got up and done when I needed to, make a couple nice putts on the backside and standing in good position through 36.

Q. Adam, a year ago you had a great weekend at the BMW except for one hole. You came fairly close to making the Tour Championship.
That one hole, do you look back and say maybe that cost me or are you pretty too far back for it to come down to that?

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah. I mean it's tough to boil an entire season down to one hole. Kind of lots of things that can go on throughout the season but I'm in a good position to do what I was trying to do last year now and, you know, got two more days. Got to keep working hard. Guys are going to make a bunch of birdies behind me.

Q. When do you start thinking about the Tour Championship? Probably not the first day of the season.
At some point do you start maybe looking at where you are in the standings and that kind of thing?

ADAM HADWIN: It's a goal and certainly at the beginning of the year to get there. Having been there once before I know what comes along with it and how much of an advantage it can be. But I don't know, midway, three-quarters of the way through maybe the season. It's hard to say.

If you get off to a good start maybe start thinking about it a little bit earlier. There's so much golf over the course of a season. It's got to focus on the task at hand.

Q. Any similarities between here and last year at Aronimink?
ADAM HADWIN: I think it's a fairly similar style golf course. You got to play your way through the trees. You got to put yourself in -- hit fairways. You got to put yourself in the right spots on the greens.

You know, these greens haven't gotten too quick this week but if they do a lot of these pin locations will be really tough to get at. So, I've got -- feel like I got a pretty good feel around this place. It's the type of golf course that I grew up on so feel comfortable anyways.

Q. Is the Presidents Cup on your mind at all this week? I think you came in 18th in the standings. Pretty good jump if you win.
ADAM HADWIN: Presidents Cup has always been on my mind. Similar to getting into East Lake, I haven't played well enough to get close enough where it just has to be a big week regardless.

I mean to have any chance of getting into that top 8 I probably have to win, maybe a 2nd and then pretty similar for East Lake and the Tour Championship. I'm just focused on making as many birdies as I can and staying as high as I can on that leaderboard.

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