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August 16, 2019

Tiger Woods

Carmel, Indiana

Q. Tiger, looked like you had a lot of good going today. Didn't get the score that maybe you could have?
TIGER WOODS: I did not. I left quite a few shots out there. I hit the ball a lot better today, which is great, and didn't really make anything until what is it, 14, 15?

Q. Cooler temperatures this morning. If you were a hundred percent on Thursday, you looked about 85 percent today because of the temperature this morning.
TIGER WOODS: No, I felt good, actually, I felt really good which is just building into the round and trying to understand how the golf course is going to play and how aggressive am I going to have to be and once I got a feel for that and realized the golf course is still pretty soft and even though it was cooler and the ball wasn't going quite as far, the golf course was still playing pretty short.

Q. Tiger, when you're talking about the tweaks to your swing yesterday, did something from Augusta get away and you're trying to get back to that or were you trying to tweak and improve or whatever from Augusta?
TIGER WOODS: I was trying to get ready for Augusta, that would be the shape of the golf ball would be totally different than I normally would. That's one week.

Next I'm playing Bethpage and that game won't work there. So, then, all of a sudden, I play the U.S. Open and Memorial and the British Open. That's all different shot shapes and shot trajectories and feels.

You know, I figured I might as well go back to what worked.

Q. Do you always do that?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. Are you kidding me? Augusta is completely different. You have to hit the ball different than you do each and every week and that's just like The Open Championship, not going to play the same way you do at Augusta. That's one of the things that I've done throughout my entire career.

Q. Was it easier to change back then, easier to make the adjustments?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. Didn't have four back surgeries at the time.

Q. Tiger, would you have been able to make those changes easier if you had more tournaments or is it just, you know -- in other words, did you just not have the time?
TIGER WOODS: Just practice. Again, that's one of the more difficult things, trying to figure out how am I going to practice a lot and train and get treatment and take care of the kids, and there's a lot to it.

Q. Do you think about building a golf course in Chicago, does this place inspire you at all?
TIGER WOODS: It's not where I'm going to build a golf course like this, no. It's going to be very different than Medinah. But I just love playing here in Chicago. I always have. My record has been pretty good here in the Chicago area.

Q. Tiger, the way the leaderboard looks right now, do you still feel East Lake is within reach?
TIGER WOODS: I'm going to have to have a great weekend and make a lot of birdies this week and post some rounds in the mid-60s to give myself a chance at it.

Q. Is it a fair assessment that your long game is probably where you want it to be and you need to fine-tune --
TIGER WOODS: That would be about right, trying to get a feel for the trajectory and shapes of shots and my feel has not been where I want it, hit the ball pin high every time like I normally do. I certainly haven't made as many putts. Putt well and I'll shoot good scores. I haven't done that.

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