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August 16, 2019

Lucas Glover

Carmel, Indiana

Q. Six birdies, three bogies. Was the golf course a little more difficult than yesterday?
LUCAS GLOVER: Different wind. North -- pretty much a north wind since we got here Monday and south southwest today. So, a little different look.

I do remember this wind but I wouldn't say I'm not used to it. Just different. Several holes played entirely different. 14 we were getting there yesterday and it was playing every bit of 640 today. Just different, different course. Hole locations were fair and good just, you know, you got to hit good shots around Medinah.

Q. You look where you've won in your career. When you come to this golf course, you feel like you should play well on?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah. Yeah. I think so. You have to drive it in the fairway and be pretty precise with your numbers. Short game is huge, with the exception of today, a couple of dumped chips. That's been pretty much my strength this year. Yeah, pleased with where I'm at. Love the golf course. Love the condition it's in and looking forward to the weekend.

Q. This week pretty much you have to finish Top-10 to advance to Atlanta. Is that anymore pressure on you?
LUCAS GLOVER: No. No. I didn't know that until you just said it, to be honest. My mindset this week was to be prepared and just play good, solid golf. You don't have to do anything spectacular, nothing flashy. Hit it nice and putting solid.

Q. You've done that so far. Good luck this weekend.
LUCAS GLOVER: Thank you.

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