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August 16, 2019

Patrick Cantlay

Carmel, Indiana

Q. Patrick, almost feels like you put a low number on the board. Want to get out and validate that start. Really solid round of golf today.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Did play solidly. Obviously no bogies. That's a goal when you step on the first tee everyday. Putted really well and played smart when I had to and was able to put a good number up again.

Q. I don't know if anybody thinks their way around the golf course the way you do. The shifting breezes, this golf course showing a bit more teeth than yesterday. How did you adapt on Friday?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I think you really have to pick your spots. When the hole location is right you're in the fairway you can be aggressive and -- but if you're a little out of position or not sure about the wind, you need to play a little safer. That goes for in the rough as well.

So, just trying to manage that and I feel like if you play smart on this golf course and pick your spots and play those par-5s well you can put up a good number without -- as long as you don't make any big mistakes.

Q. You mentioned the putter, the birdies today.
15 and 16, to get out of there with those par saves really kind of was the springboard forward to allow that birdie at 17 to happen. How important were those two up and downs for you?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah. Anytime you make a bunch of birdies and you get to double digits like I was for two rounds or a round and a half, you don't want to give any back.

Those were big up and downs and especially the one on 15 being able to make that putt. It's just a lot of good momentum going into the weekend. I feel good with all the parts of my game.

Q. We're sitting here messing around with all the projections. You don't care about that with the golf tournament in front of you. How would a big finish do for you next week at East Lake?
PATRICK CANTLAY: If I said I knew I would be lying just because no one has ever seen the format before. I do think it's really important not to be caught up in any of that, especially for me. And I'm just going to go out and do my best to play this golf course well and I'll worry about next week next week.

Q. I'll project into the microphone. You keep playing golf. Thanks for your time.

Q. Patrick, bogey-free round. If we can get some comments on another good day.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah. Going bogey-free is always nice. I played really well today. All the parts of my game are feeling good and I really like the golf course this week, which I think is a bonus.

Q. What did you think of the winds being different today over yesterday?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Obviously the golf course plays differently. It turned almost 180 degrees back in our face compared to yesterday. Some of the par-5s are more getable and then a hole like 14, I think the par 5, is a lot more difficult.

I think we're going to be -- to have this wind the next couple of days over the weekend but I think the golf course is so good that I really -- there's not a particular wind where the golf course is worse or better.

Q. How big was the save on 15?
PATRICK CANTLAY: 15 was big, yeah. When I made contact with the tee shot I didn't think it was going that far right and kind of carried it off to the right and it went in the water.

But, anytime, you make a par after hitting the ball in the water it's good and, you know, gave me some nice momentum to close out the round.

Q. Who taught you how to putt?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Who taught me how to putt? I spent a lot of time when I was younger with Jamie Mulligan on the putting green at Virginia Country Club and I've worked with Paul "Basonco" at Titleist on my stroke and lately a little bit with Fax at home, just played some games, picked up a few things from him.

Q. Anything you can tells you picked up from Faxon?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Nothing major. Just chatted about putting a little bit and, you know, grown to be friends a little bit and played some golf together and just watching him putt you kind of putt a little better, too.

Q. With the season winding down, you're in position to contend with the BMW, the Presidents Cup and the FedExCup.
I'm just wondering at the beginning of the season when you had attainable goals for yourself, are you exceeding your own expectations or is this where you saw yourself?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I wouldn't say at all exceeding expectations. You know, my goal is to win golf tournaments and I haven't put myself up at the top in front as much as I would have liked this year but I have had some chances and I have played some really nice weekends so I think it's starting to come together. My game feels good and I'm starting to feel comfortable out there and seeing some putts go in the hole and so I'm excited to be where I'm at.

Q. The approach on 18, were you avoiding that back pin or did you just not catch it?
PATRICK CANTLAY: The wind was down off the left and I had it a little more down. I was looking at the flag and I think when I hit it it moved a little more right. I never had a club I could hit it over the back of the green. I just left it out to the right a little bit.

Q. Patrick, how much do you like the golf course? Does it suit your guy?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I love the golf course. I think it's one of the best we've played all year. I really like the big traditional golf courses and I feel like this golf course paints a really nice picture off the tee so, you know -- you have to play some shots over some trees, right to left, left to right and so I enjoy -- I enjoy the traditional golf course and I really like the golf course this week. It's in good shape as well.

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