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August 16, 2019

Tony Finau

Medinah, Illinois

Q. Tony, nicely done out there. Bogey-free, 6-under par. Golf course play any different today than yesterday?
TONY FINAU: Really similar conditions. Just different wind. Yesterday was out of the north. Today was out of the south. The holes that were into yesterday were down today and the holes that were down yesterday were into today.

So, the course played a little different because of that. As far as conditions, pretty soft and so it's a scoreable golf course right now.

Q. Anything in particular about this golf course that makes you feel like you can play well here?
TONY FINAU: Yeah. I think it's a great driving golf course. It looks pretty good to me off the tee and I'm a very visual player, very creative player. I think that plays a big part of the story.

So far for me, it's a golf course that looks good to me. I've been able to drive the ball in the fairway, which led to birdies.

Q. Obviously everybody has experienced a new format this year. What are your thoughts headed into the weekend?
TONY FINAU: Got to keep the pedal to the metal. Got to make birdies. Guys at 7, 8-under, going to shoot some low scores tomorrow. You got to keep making birdies out here and especially if it doesn't firm up.

Q. Tony, another good day. Get some comments on your round.
TONY FINAU: Yeah. Played nicely all day. Nice round yesterday and nice round today. Put myself in good position going into the weekend and like where the game is at.

A golf course that fits me and going to have to continue makes birdies on the weekend.

Q. When you get in a position like this, is there any difficulty keeping any additional pressure to feel like you need to get a win given how well you've played, how consistent you've been?
TONY FINAU: Yeah. I mean I feel like a win is around the corner. I felt that way all season. Coming off the Ryder Cup I feel like I got some great experience there, had a couple good looks at Majors this year and haven't got it done but one of these times I know it's going to be my turn and hopefully that's Sunday. If not, it will be next Sunday.

But I put myself in position again this week and I look forward to the challenge ahead, 36 holes on the golf course. Again, you're going to have to make some more birdies this weekend. Guys that are four, five, six back are still not out of it because they can post a good one tomorrow and be right where they need to be.

Put the pedal to the metal like the rest of the weekend like I have the first couple rounds. Try to make some birdies.

Q. You're pretty safe going into East Lake. The Presidents Cup points, I wondering how you're juggling all that's at play this week especially the Presidents Cup chasing Patrick.
TONY FINAU: I'm pretty fortunate. I was in a very similar position last year, meaning I was trying to make the team on the Ryder Cup. When I didn't I was trying to impress the Captain and play well enough to do that.

So, what I remember from last year is I put my head down and just played and tried to win every tournament I played in The Playoffs and seemed to work out pretty well last year. That's what I was trying to do this year.

I'm going to try and win this week and what happens on Sunday happens and wherever the chips fall, that's where -- where I'm at the at the end of Sunday, that's where I will be. I'm playing good this weekend, I have a chance to win. That's always exciting.

Q. Tell us about the drive on 18. One of the best we've seen out there for the first two days.
TONY FINAU: Hammered it. Turned pretty hard on it. Little adrenaline. Flew like 330 or so. I hit it pretty hard. Wind was helping out of the left. Hit this monstrous ball, high in the air and the wind took it all the way down the fairway. A good hit.

Q. Play into your attack mode style here?
TONY FINAU: No doubt. I like making birdies. It's a golf course that I think driving is an emphasis, the rough is long enough where you got to hit in the fairway. Even though the scores are really good you got to hit it in the fairway if you're going to score. I've done a good job of that the first 36.

Q. You talked about how much the Ryder Cup meant last year and how much you enjoyed it. Given that, how much do you want to make that team every year, the U.S. team? Is that a motivation every season when you start out?
TONY FINAU: Definitely. Made my first team on the Ryder Cup last year. It's crazy. After having that experience you don't want to miss any teams. I don't want to miss the Presidents Cup this year. I don't want to miss the Ryder Cup team next year. So on and so forth.

When you taste it, it's something that I've never experienced before. The Ryder Cup was an experience like I've never experienced before. So, I got myself in position to play well this week and I have a chance to win and winning takes care of everything it seems like. When you win you seem to make teams. So, I'm going to try and do that this week.

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