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August 16, 2019

Justin Thomas

Medinah, Illinois

JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a lot windier today. Made it a little bit more difficult. I got off to a terrible start as well as I drove the ball. I really couldn't kind of get focused and get going but stayed patient and kind of stuck to our process and turned out a decent round.

Q. Yesterday you said it was the worse warm-up and shot a good round. Was it the best warm-up today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No. No. It was fine.

Q. Going into the weekend, you're right in the mix, right in a position to win the golf tournament. What do you need to do?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Nothing. I need to keep doing what I'm doing. Drive the ball well like I did today and I feel good over my putter. I made some good putts. At the beginning of the round I hit some good putts, didn't match my speed up or misread them. Just keep staying patient and see this all week.

Q. Do you want to see the place get firmer?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah. Yeah. I'm finding myself becoming more aggressive and just kind of hitting it up around the green on par-5s when I have no shot because the greens are so soft, I can get up and down from anywhere. Doesn't reward necessarily the best golf but hitting the shots.

Q. Yesterday you said you had a really bad warm-up. Obviously a great round. How did the warm-up go today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It did the job I needed to.

Q. Got off to a rough start. Did you find anything to kind of get turned around?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Not really. Kind of spacy, couldn't get focused. I just -- hit a great drive on the first hole and very easy, getable pin there and just flew the green, hit a bad chip and made bogey and then had a good look on 2, I hit the putt too hard, and made a bad bogey on 3.

Kind of -- first three holes are pretty getable. It's playing 2-over was obviously not very good but just stayed patient and waited for our chances.

Q. You think close to regaining your pre-injury form, playing better each week? What do you need to do right this weekend to get the win?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Nothing. I need to keep doing what I'm doing and just let it happen. It doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be good enough to get it done but I mean I'm playing well enough to win.

I've known that for a couple of months now and just staying patient and it's our week, great. If not, we'll press on for Atlanta.

I hit some quality iron shots to finish. All my bogies were -- I mean horrendous one on 3. Terrible bogies. Should be making birdie at least one of the two holes if not both. And a bogey again there on 13, just fatted a 5-iron in the water off the tee.

That's pretty self-explanatory. I stayed patient. I put myself in good spot versus where I was after three holes and I felt like a lot tougher conditions today.

Q. Even though how well you played yesterday, was it tougher to stay patient after that rough start?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was annoying because the first three holes are so easy. Not so easy but it's wedge into 1, a short iron into 3 and I hit a good shot into 2, about ten feet. You're looking to go 1 or 2-under there and I played them 2-over.

I got kind of lapped by the field there. You know, that happens. Just a couple bad golf shots. Nothing I can do about it now or even then. I just -- I knew I had plenty of birdie holes ahead of me. You can get on a roll out here if you stay patient. That's what we did.

Q. Seemed like you've really been trending over last more so. Would a win here late change the way you look at your season?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Change the way everybody looks at it. I'm just worried about the 3rd Round here today before I start worrying or thinking about winning.

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