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August 15, 2019

Adam Scott

Carmel, Indiana

Q. I know a couple of tough finishes to both nines, but still a good position to be in after 18 holes.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, there was lots of good golf out there today. Feeling good about it. Could have been better, so that's maybe a positive. Good start. You know, my goal this week was to try and keep pace with the leaders, so I haven't done too bad a job, even if someone shoots 8-under or something, I don't feel like I'm way behind on the first round like I have been most of the year.

Q. So it seems like a golf course that would certainly suit you off the tee, but then we get to these second shots, and with these green complexes, how do you try and attack it?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's soft, so it's gettable today for everybody. It certainly favors a guy hitting it long off the tee, Justin and Paul even more so than me. So like I said, just try and keep pace. I feel like my game is in a good spot, try and get the most out of it this week and move right on up.

Q. You mentioned how receptive it was. I think it caught us a little off guard object the broadcast how gettable this golf course has been. How can it change to get a little bit tougher? Is it just simply firmness of the greens? Were you surprised how gettable it was today?
ADAM SCOTT: No, it's been soft all week, and there's just no way there's been weather to firm it up. I don't even know like a day like today is going to do it. It's soft, and there's going to be low scores.

Q. 67 to start your first round. Give us your assessment of the day.
ADAM SCOTT: I played a lot of good golf today, and I felt I left a few out there, so maybe that's a positive thing even though I wished I didn't. Nice to get moving in the right direction on a Thursday rather than feel like I'm way behind. I'm looking forward to the next three days, and I kind of have a free shot this week to do the best I can because I'm not really moving anywhere unless I finish first or second.

Q. Did you feel that freedom today?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, a little bit, yeah. The course was very gettable. The greens are soft and receptive, so I was a little more focused on pins, and hit a few good shots and took advantage of them.

Q. What do you like about your golf game right now?
ADAM SCOTT: Definitely hitting it a bit better than I had been prior to the Playoffs starting. The Open and Memphis was pretty scrappy golf. Generally I like where my short game is at. That's been very reliable this year. Now I'm hitting it a bit better. I can go a little tighter at the flags and lean on that if I need to.

Q. How many scenarios are flying over your head about what could happen in relation to the FedExCup? How do you block all that out, and do you feel you do a good job of that?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's pretty much only upside for me this week. There's not much downside. I'm going to be in Atlanta, and if I'm 3-under or 2-under, I don't see that as a big deal over four days. But if you could somehow get up to 7- or 8-under with the wind or second place maybe here, that's beneficial.

But I think anything outside of that, I'm not going to move more than one spot. Really, might as well just have a crack.

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