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August 15, 2019

Brooks Koepka

Carmel, Indiana

Q. You really hit the jets on that inward 9. You were 1-over par through 11 and you finished the round in 4-under. Anything in particular turn it around for you?
BROOKS KOEPKA: No, I just found something in my golf swing, just tried to shorten it up a little bit and make one key swing thought change. Felt a little bit more comfortable. I haven't felt comfortable over the ball in a while, so it was nice to feel confident when you're setting up over it.

Q. Certainly portends well for the rest of the week. Tell me about that eagle putt that you had on 14.
BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, it helped watching Rory's because it broke about a foot more than it looked like, so to have him go first kind of on the same line was big, and luckily enough it kind of snuck in there on the high side.

Q. This was all about business this week, but it looked like you had a little fun with Bo Jackson yesterday. "Bo Knows" on his shoes, you're still wearing the "Brooks Knows" on yours. That had to be a good time.
BROOKS KOEPKA: It was awesome. It was incredible getting to finally meet him, everything he's done, how athletic and how big he really is. He's an icon, and it was cool to really get to meet him and kind of build a relationship with him.

Q. You must be pleased with the last seven holes.
BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, played good there coming in, but I should have started like that. It wasn't the best start. I figured something out, and hopefully go work on it here and kind of fine-tune everything.

Q. What was the difference from the start and then your finish?
BROOKS KOEPKA: I just didn't feel comfortable. It's kind of been the same story for about a week now. Last week same thing, I just didn't feel comfortable over the ball. Made a little adjustment and finally felt like I could shape the ball the way I wanted to, felt comfortable, saw shots when I was over the ball, and hopefully we'll make sure this is the right thing that I'm doing.

Q. Can you take us through the eagle on 14?
BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, I hit a drive down there in the middle of the fairway. I think we had 287 to the front of the green and just I had to hit a hard 3-wood, got it up there hole high, and it was nice to see Rory putt one because it breaks about a foot more than it looks, and I just threw it out there, and luckily enough it went in.

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