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August 15, 2019

Cheng-Tsung Pan

Carmel, Indiana

Q. Talk about your first experience playing with Tiger.
CT PAN: It was great. It was amazing. Obviously I didn't play well the front nine. I was pretty nervous. You know, just the way I expected, I was very nervous about it, but overall it was great. Growing up, he's my idol, and I've always dreamed of playing with him in a round or any hole if I could. So it's definitely a dream come true experience for me.

Q. I know you were concentrating on your own game to try to put up a good score, but do you watch him, try to pick up something from him?
CT PAN: Honestly, I watched his every shot. I was more worried about his shot than mine for sure, especially the front nine. But just the shot he hits, obviously he didn't really have a great day, but he hit a lot of iron shots that was just so pure, and the way he compressed the ball, the way he hit a ball is just amazing. That's something I could admire, I guess.

Q. Looked like you couldn't get any momentum going, you had some bogeys, came back with an eagle, but just didn't build on that?
CT PAN: Yeah, just kind of the way I've been playing the last three months. But I feel like I'm getting better every day. I made an eagle out there under a lot of pressure. I wasn't feeling comfortable at all the front nine. I was able to make eagle and made a lot of clutch up-and-downs, No. 9, No. 8. It was all great, so I just need to take some positives from that.

Q. There's so much at stake this week. You need a top 12 to get to Atlanta to the TOUR Championship. You're No. 8 on the Presidents Cup. What do you think you need to get better at to make sure that you have a great week?
CT PAN: You know, I feel I just need to focus on a couple of simple stuff, just focus on each shot and focus on one target, and this week, my swing, my technical -- that's just one key. So just kind of keep things simple and you've got to play aggressive on these greens because they're softer, and as you can see, a lot of low scores today.

Q. Was this the first time that you asked a fellow competitor for an autograph?
CT PAN: Yeah, I usually don't like to ask because I don't want to bother them at all. I usually just put the flag -- for the foundation put the flag up in the locker room, and if people want to sign it, great. But Tiger --

Q. He's Tiger, right?
CT PAN: Yeah, he's exceptional. He's great. It's awesome to have a tee shirt with his autograph. I'll definitely frame it.

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