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August 15, 2019

Jason Kokrak

Carmel, Indiana

Q. What a beautiful, well-played round of golf. You must have felt very comfortable out there today. Tell me about the round.
JASON KOKRAK: I just played really well. I didn't make my best swing off the first tee but stuck to my game plan, stuck to what I've been working on with Drew Steckel and Josh Gregory, and D-Rob and I are kind of fitting in nicely. We're meshing well. I happened to put out a nice round.

Q. You missed two fairways the whole day, missed two greens the whole day, made 110 feet of putts.
JASON KOKRAK: Is that a new world record for me? You know what? We gave ourselves a lot of opportunities. We made a couple long ones and a couple nice par saves there from four, five feet, but I think that's the game plan out here. I don't think it's a crazy putting contest on this golf course. I think if you can ball strike this place, you're going to be in it.

Q. You're not the longest player on TOUR, definitely not short but definitely not a bomber. You played the four par-5s in 5-under par with three birdies and one eagle.
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, I guess I'm not considered a bomber, but I don't think there's too many guys out here that are going to consistently hit it by me, but I'm more about fairways and greens now. I've been getting better and better with the irons the last couple of years, and for me fairways are key.

Q. I'm curious about your strategy, coming off birdie at 14. 15th hole may have been drivable, you certainly could have got it close and you decided to lay it up farther back.
JASON KOKRAK: You know, I think we can get it to -- I actually didn't hit the shot off the tee very well, so laid it a little further back, but it was a good number for me to attack that hole. But if you get it too far up there with that back pin, the back right pin we might go for it because it's a little bit easier angle if you miss it long left you're in the bunker. But I think that's part of the game plan. If I don't see the shot or if I'm not comfortable over it, I can lay up and hit wedge and make birdie either way.

Q. 32nd in the FedExCup points. Do you have a strategy coming in here this week?
JASON KOKRAK: Not really. You know, I thought about doing some number crunching and seeing what I had to finish, but I think playing golf, putting myself in a good position to win a golf tournament is going to get the job done. I don't think I need to worry about where I need to finish in the tournament. I'd rather go out and try to win.

Q. Tied the course record today, 7-under 65. Can we get some comments on your play?
JASON KOKRAK: You know, D-Rob and I made a nice game plan. A couple shots here and there, but this golf course is all good fairways and greens. I think if you hit a lot of fairways you can be fairly aggressive into these greens. They're soft, they're receptive. They're a nice speed, too. They're not overly fast, they're not too slow. They're nice paced. Put myself in good position for the rest of the week. There's 54 holes left, and that's what I'm looking forward to.

Q. How much is your length a big advantage out here in the soft conditions?
JASON KOKRAK: A hundred percent. You know, as somebody else said, I'm not the longest guy -- I mean, I used to be fairly long, but I hit it a pretty good ways, but I hit my irons long, so I think that's a huge advantage. If I can hit fairways, I'm hitting one, two, three less clubs into some of these greens like some of the other guys. But as I said, fairways and greens. I think this golf course is not the type of golf course where it's going to be a putting contest. I think if you're hitting greens and you've got birdie opportunities, you're doing well.

Q. There are a lot of incentives tied to making it to next week. For you how big would it be to lock up a Masters invite?
JASON KOKRAK: That's one of my all-time dreams. I think I've been invited 100 times, never gone. It's just kind of one of my things, I've never gone to Augusta. To lock up the card, to be able to go there would be pretty special.

Q. What's the biggest lesson you learned from Tampa?
JASON KOKRAK: I guess staying in the moment. You know, I'm one of those guys, I like to know where I'm at, I like to know exactly what I need to do. I think just staying in the moment, taking one shot at a time, not getting ahead of myself, and just execute a little bit better, get a little bit better at executing a shot when I see it and not getting too caught up in the moment.

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