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August 13, 2019

Ricky Castillo

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. In with a 66; really great round today. Tell me a little bit about what was on for you out there in the round altogether.
RICKY CASTILLO: I mean, I started off a little shaky. I hit a drive on 9 and went into a bush and made bogey on an easy par-5, so it wasn't the greatest start.

I knew I was hitting it pretty solid all day and I just was going to give myself chances. I saw the pins, and some of them you could get a little bit aggressive with, a lot more aggressive than No. 2.

I really played solid all day. Didn't really hit any really bad shots that really cost me anything besides the last hole. I just played really solid.

Just hit a lot of good shots, solid shots, made some good putts, and ended up with a 66. Be excited for tomorrow.

Q. 2nd hole is playing pretty tough par-4 and you birdied it and then birdie on 17. Maybe some of those last couple birdies, talk me through those.
RICKY CASTILLO: On 2, yeah, I birdied 1 right before they called the delay and I hit it to probably about three feet and made birdie.

On 2 right after the delay I hit a pretty good drive down the left side. It's a little firmer over there, so it shot down. Only had 180 left and knew that I was just trying to hand on that top tier and let it funnel down. Did exactly that. Went to eight feet I think and made it.

I had a birdie putt from six feet on 3 that I just missed; birdie putt on 4 that I just missed; birdie putt on 5 -- I really hit the ball really well.

I didn't make everything, but I made a decent amount of putts today. It was a good day. Then I birdied hole 7. Made like a 30-footer coming up the hill. So it was really solid today.

Q. One stroke away from being co-medalist in this after co-medalist in the Junior Am and the North and South. The game seems like it's on right now. How confident are you with how you're playing?
RICKY CASTILLO: I'm really confident, especially on this course. I've played the North and South the past three years, so I know I know this courses better than some of the other people. This is their first time here, some of them, but for me this is my fourth time here. I think it helps a little bit.

I'm pretty excited for match play. I think it should be a lot of fun.

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