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August 13, 2019

Cooper Dossey

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. Nice playing today.

Q. Followed up on your North South win with nice positioning, almost the medalist here. Tell me about how you played today.
COOPER DOSSEY: I played really good. I think I only missed one green today, maybe two. My speed was good the last few days. The greens were fast, but I hit it great. I think I hit every -- hit it great off the tee and my iron play was spectacular.

It was a good day.

Q. When you say iron play was spectacular, what were you doing? Hitting it really close? Hitting your lines? What were you doing?
COOPER DOSSEY: I don't think I was trying to go at pins today. Just trying to give myself 20 feet every hole. That's very important out here. You can't miss on the short sides of the green.

And then I didn't make a bogey today, so that was pretty cool. It was a good day.

Q. So you knew you had some work to do after playing No. 2.

Q. And you knew it was probably gettable here on No.4. Did you feel like you had to be more aggressive because of that?
COOPER DOSSEY: I don't think so. The wind picked up a little bit this afternoon, and I know the guys on No. 2 were going to have a tough time. There were like 50 guys that had to go play No. 2 that played yesterday on No.4, so there were only a few that had good scores on 2 yesterday, so I knew I just needed to go shoot around par, which is easy to do out here -- not easy, but with how I'm hitting it I'm very confident right now.

Q. The confidence that you got from winning the North South, did that translate to what you felt here and you felt more comfortable, et cetera?
COOPER DOSSEY: Yeah, actually my dad (indiscernible) it was normal not to have nerves at a tournament like this because I feel right at home. I've played really well at the beginning of the summer here and it's good to be back at a place I've had success.

I'm just confident here. For some reason it fits my eye. Match play is my favorite format, so I'm really excited for the next couple days have in store.

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