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August 13, 2019

Tom Sloman

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. 68 on No.4, 2-under. Great score for the past few days. How did you do it?
TOM SLOMAN: With my caddie's help. Got a local caddie. Yeah, he obviously knows where to hit it and I just try to; put it down to him.

Q. So you're near the top of the leaderboard going into match play. How does that feel?
TOM SLOMAN: Yeah, it's good. There is a long way to go yet, isn't there, so we'll see how it goes.

Q. Coming from England, how do you like the Pinehurst courses, the area?
TOM SLOMAN: Unbelievable, yeah. Best place I've ever been, to be honest. Yeah, it's just a bit of an upgrade from England, to be honest. Yeah, it's unbelievable. I love it here.

Q. That's awesome. Do you think there will be any strategy changes going into match play? Same mindset?
TOM SLOMAN: Yeah, probably the same mindset. I've been playing well, the way I've been playing on No. 2, so I'm sure if you shoot around par every round you're going to have a chance at winning.

Q. Talking to the your caddie he said you have a free mind out there, you're having fun. What goes through your head when you're out there making birdies on one of the toughest courts our out here?
TOM SLOMAN: Not a lot, really. I'm just playing one of the best courses in the world, aren't I? So I'm just having fun at the moment. Might never play here again, so, yeah, just have fun out there. Doesn't matter end of the day, does it?

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