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August 13, 2019

Alex Smalley

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. Coming off a 71 on No. 2. Congrats; great score; one of the best of the day. How did you do it?
ALEX SMALLEY: Well, it was really windy starting off. I've played here quite a bit growing up pretty close by. Getting close to 40 rounds on No. 2, so I know the course pretty well and know where to miss it.

Shot under par a few times out here, so I knew I could do it. Just was a matter of doing it today. Had it going. I started on 11, and turned -- after 18 I was 1-under, which was great, because 15 through 18 is a really tough stretch of holes.

So I got off to a good start and then made a couple bad swings from the fairway with a 9-iron, and it cost me three shots. So it kind of stings, but it was nice to make the putt on the last to have somewhat of a chance.

Q. Let's get to the last hole. Came in the 10th with 6-over. You saw the cut line at the weather delay. It was 5-over. What did you have in your mind going into it?
ALEX SMALLEY: I figured 4 was going to make it. Figured 4 would probably be a playoff. Didn't know if it was going to jump to 5 or not. I figured I had to make the chip shot from the pine straw on 10. It was close. Just ran a little bit by. Made that putt for birdie to give me a little bit of a chance.

It's tough coming back from an hour weather delay without warming up. It's not bad.

Q. I don't know if you looked, but the projected cut line right now is 6 over, so you're inside right now.
ALEX SMALLEY: It is really?

Q. I'm sure that feels great.
ALEX SMALLEY: Just a waiting game now, I guess.

Q. Yeah, it is. You'll find out soon enough. You said you played almost 40 rounds on No. 2.
ALEX SMALLEY: Uh-huh, I have.

Q. If you do make it inside the cut like you're projected right now, where would this round rank for you?
ALEX SMALLEY: Be one of the better ones. Conditions were pretty difficult wind-wise. Greens weren't nearly as firm or as fast as I've seen them before. For the North and South here a couple months ago they were really speedy and really firm.

Struggled a little bit with speed early on just because I'm used to being just a little bit faster, on the faster side. Yeah, you know, any time you can shoot 71, 70, or break par out here is a pretty good feeling.

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