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August 12, 2019

Alison Riske

Cincinnati, Ohio


6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you feel about your performance with the match?
ALISON RISKE: Yeah, I think I played very bad today. It was a really rough match from my end. I think especially mentally. Obviously against Sharapova, you can't have a moment like that.

Q. Do you have anything you feel you should work on or anything you feel proud you did? Because you did work very hard in the match. Portions of the match, you stepped up in many different positions.
ALISON RISKE: Yeah, I tried as best I could. I tried a few different things. But it just was a rough day for me, and I tried to get through it. Didn't have much success obviously. She had a big part to do with that, and, yeah, we can only look forward to my next match and getting better for that.

Q. You have got another opportunity tomorrow in doubles with the home-town Caty McNally. Have you ever played with her before? How did that come about?
ALISON RISKE: Yeah, I've never played with Caty before. I have obviously played against her. Surbiton this year for the first time. She's an awesome up-and-coming player already establishing herself very well on tour.

I have known her coach, Kevin O'Neill, for years. He's worked with various players and he's just a really great guy and she's a really great girl.

We have been trying to match up at some point for doubles, and it just so happened that it worked out here. We are obviously very grateful for the opportunity, grateful for the chance and the wildcard. It should be a lot of fun tomorrow.

Q. Was there any thoughts that you had coming here to Cincinnati, any intentions you had when you first stepped on the court today?
ALISON RISKE: Yeah. Historically I haven't, you know, done amazing here, so I think it was an opportunity to kind of have a good year, have some good results in Cincinnati. But, you know, things happen. It's always nice to play close to home, regardless, and just have a little bit of home support, which is special.

Q. When you were talking about being challenged mentally, what were you referring to specifically? Was there a point in the match, or...
ALISON RISKE: Yeah, I think my game just really -- it was lagging today, and I did a very poor job mentally to try to get it back. I kind of let it get the best of me, and that cost me the match. So I think that's something that I'll have to get better at in the future.

Q. What are your immediate plans after this tournament?
ALISON RISKE: We still have doubles tomorrow, so I'll still be here. Then I will train a little bit before New York. That's it.

Q. What are some things you took from the match today that you can move forward with and advance yourself?
ALISON RISKE: Yeah, I think from Point 1, I have to be establishing myself. I need to be playing my game. I need to be asserting myself, and I can't let them be the one dictating play.

So I think, you know, that's what's gotten me this far, and unfortunately I wasn't able to do that today. That's what Maria did to me.

Q. How are you feeling physically now?
ALISON RISKE: Yeah, I feel great physically.

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