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August 13, 2019

Phillip Barbaree

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. 3-under 67 here at No. 4. Not exactly the finish you wanted with a bogey, but still a good round anyway, right?
PHILLIP BARBAREE: Right, yeah. Both days I played really solid. Kind of the same story as yesterday, too. I made bogey on the last hole. But then again, when you bogey the last hole, you kind of want to think of it as you made a bogey, and then you have the other holes in the round, not just the last hole. Still a lot of positives to take from it going into tomorrow for sure.

Q. You're in the field of 64, which is good. That's what everybody is looking for when it starts.

Q. Your play has been really good. Are you having good feelings as you start into match play now?
PHILLIP BARBAREE: Yeah, I'm really excited to get into match play. It's my very favorite thing, favorite format in golf. It's been good to me in the past, so hopefully it'll be good to me this week. I'm feeling really good about my game and I like where it stacks up right now.

Q. You won a USGA championship as a junior, and that's a while ago a little bit, but does that still factor into what you do? Do you feel that confidence because you've gone through it?
PHILLIP BARBAREE: Yeah, yeah. Even though it's a while ago, for sure you can draw confidence from that, knowing you've been there and kind of done that. Obviously this is a little bit bigger stage and it was a little while ago, but still, it's a good amount of confidence I can draw off of that for sure.

Q. Talk about the contrast of playing No. 2 yesterday and No. 4 today. It seems like the lower scores are coming off No. 4.
PHILLIP BARBAREE: Yeah, No. 2 you've just got to be in control of everything, and No. 4 is just a little bit wider and the greens are just a little bit softer, but that's the main difference right there. They're both really good courses. I like No. 4 and No. 2 a lot. I played No. 4 when I played in the U.S. Kids' tournament when I was 12. So it's good to come back and play two world-class courses.

Q. Have you played North and South?
PHILLIP BARBAREE: I haven't, no.

Q. You've got a pretty interesting story with your caddie here, a story in itself maybe with your caddie being a writer?
PHILLIP BARBAREE: Yeah, he's a sportswriter and one day asked to caddie for me, it worked out, and he's been on my bag ever since. It's been good.

Q. What's he better at?
PHILLIP BARBAREE: Probably caddying maybe. I just say that to give him confidence.

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