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August 12, 2019

Brandon Wu

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

BRANDON WU: Obviously I was lucky enough to do the U.S. Amateur Preview about a month ago, so I did get to see the courses a little bit, so I wasn't completely blind. But, and, yeah, just staying patient out there. I think I hit it really well all day, but the front nine I got a couple bad breaks. And I just wanted to stay in a positive mindset and continue and a few putts started to drop towards the end and that was good.

Q. Even with the fatigue you had a great back nine.
BRANDON WU: Yeah, I mean, I tried to manage my sleep as well as I could. I actually slept great on the two flights up here and then took a quick nap before I teed off for about two hours. So, yeah, I actually felt pretty good.

Q. The experience at the Pan American Games, what did that feel like for you?
BRANDON WU: It was so awesome. I mean it was like everything you dream of, representing your country like that. I mean and then to cap it all off with standing on the medal stand with my three teammates and listening to the National Anthem, it was just extraordinary. So that is something I'm super proud of and super happy that we accomplished.

Q. Last one. You've got No. 2 tomorrow, which is arguably the hardest test, and you've got some cushion now, based on playing so well at 4. Do you still put the pedal down and try to see what you can do?
BRANDON WU: Yeah, I think that you always want to be aggressive, but I think you can pick more conservative lines, but you always want to stay aggressive towards the lines you pick. So I think, No. 2, it can get away from you real quickly if you choose to be really like benign out there. You want to be aggressive, I think. So, yeah, just I think try to hit as many fairways and greens as possible and lag it up there.

Q. What was your warm-up like today? How did you manage it, based on your travel?
BRANDON WU: I tried to spend a little bit more time stretching, just to get loose from sitting on the plane for all those hours. But everything else -- I hit balls for maybe, like I chipped and putted for maybe 10 minutes more than I usually do, but other than that it was quite similar.

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