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August 12, 2019

Kevin O'Connell

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. After 18 at No. 2 what's your general assessment of your play today?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: I played pretty good. Hit the ball pretty well for the most part, had some really good chances early on to actually get under par, didn't take advantage of them. And then late I actually saved a couple pars. So the 71 is about probably where I should have finished.

Q. 71 on No. 2 puts you in a good spot for tomorrow playing 4. With everybody saying, I just want to get to match play, it gives you a chance to get there, it's got to be a good thing?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: No question. When I saw my tee times I was actually happy to have No. 2 first. I'm thinking if you can go over there and play reasonably well you can have a round under your belt and be fresh and go over and see what you can do on No. 4.

So, yeah, after a 71 I think hopefully maybe just put it together a little better tomorrow and should be in good shape.

Q. How much did your experience here help you keep it together when things might have been going the wrong way today?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: It's easy to get out there on No. 2, the fairways in places are not that wide and you can get in your own head about feeling like you have to hit the fairway in order to score out there. And obviously to make birdies that's the case, but you can also make pars if you kind of know where to leave your second shot. So just taking off a little bit of pressure I think helps for sure.

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