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August 12, 2019

Alex Fitzpatrick

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. 2-under, 68, as a home state college player it's got to feel pretty good, right?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: Yeah, yeah, I played nicely, I had a few bumps in the road, but overall I sort of stuck out there and was patient and waited for sort of openings to appear and luckily took them and yeah, finished off nicely. So pretty pleased.

Q. And having a good score on No. 4, when No. 2 is the one where you really need to make sure your focus is probably a good thing to have in your pocket, right?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: Definitely. I think that, I definitely think you can't go to No. 4 thinking this is going to be easy, so it was sort of definitely keeping focus on 4 and making sure that I don't make too many mistakes, giving myself a chance to play well tomorrow and keep myself in it to match play.

Q. And your past success that's got to be a good thing as you go to the next steps, right?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: Yeah, I guess, I think that obviously from experience last time I barely scraped through stroke play, it would be nice to make sure that I'm definitely in. So hopefully with a good round tomorrow I'll be through to match play.

Q. Did you talk to that guy who won at the Country Club this week at all? Did he tell you anything?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: Do you know what, he texted me saying, good luck. Once again, not many words. I think I asked him to buy me a car and I think that's about as much as I got. But, no, just a good luck and he's played here a few times, he played here in the U.S. Amateur or the U.S. Open, and so he knows the course pretty well, so I think that I might text him tonight and see if he's got any advice for tomorrow, but probably not, to be honest.

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