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August 12, 2019

Garrett Rank

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. Here with Garrett Rank, coming off a 72 on No. 2. Great round. How did you feel today?
GARRETT RANK: It's playing tough, I felt like I played pretty good, I hit a lot of quality shots that were 25, 30 feet away from the flag, but I felt very pleased about. Someone maybe watching round would say, oh, that's a pretty good shot, but not great, but I feel like you just got to be really smart, and especially in the stroke play portion, you don't want to make any easy bogeys. I made a couple bad swings today which led to bogeys, but for the most part was really solid and was really happy with how I got it up-and-down around the greens.

Q. Playing in your 8th U.S. Amateur, do you believe that you have an advantage over the younger players?
GARRETT RANK: For sure. I mean I've been here, done that, kind of old hat for me now. You kind of rely on past experiences that you've had. I've made match play a few times and I've missed match play by a few shots a couple times, so just lean on that and know that it's a long 36 holes.

And for me, I'm not out here trying to win the stroke play, I'm just trying to get into the top 64 and then try and have some fun in the matches and at the end of the week you want to be the guy lifting the trophy, so...

Q. You came off No. 2, very difficult course, you got No. 4 tomorrow, a little easier. How do you feel?
GARRETT RANK: I honestly don't think it's really that much easier. I feel the greens are pretty firm and fast over on that course and a little bit more slope in the greens. The runoffs aren't as severe around the greens, but you got to be really careful out there too. I looked at the scoreboard, I noticed that there was a few lower scores over there, but we'll be playing in the afternoon in the heat and so it will be a long grind and just another solid round and hopefully have a tee time on Wednesday.

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