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August 12, 2019

Travis Vick

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. 2-under today, first round of the U.S. Amateur. That's got to be something that you're happy with, based on the fact that you played a good first round, you have a better chance to get into match play. Tell me about that.
TRAVIS VICK: Absolutely. Putting up a good first round helps take the pressure over the second round a little bit. You still got to play well in the second round. But today was a good stay, very solid, a lot of fairways, a lot of greens, rolled in a couple putts, but I'll take it, good first round.

Q. Does your length help you out here?
TRAVIS VICK: Yes, for sure. This course is playing extremely long, so my strength of my game is long irons, I can hit those pretty high and pretty far, so it definitely helps around here.

Q. When you miss, you got to recover, how's your short game these days?
TRAVIS VICK: These greens are all turtlebacks, so if you hit a perfect shot with a long iron you got to hit it pretty high or else they're going to roll off. I can use the Texas wedge out here, so I putt it a lot, I try not to chip it. Chipping is not where it wants to be. I had a blade today, I chipped it over the green and still didn't even get up-and-down, I made bogey on 16, after I drove it next to the green. So I'm going to go work on that. But thankfully I can use the putter around here and that's been good.

Q. The two courses that you played in practice, do you see No. 2 as harder and then the reaction to having played well on No. 4, playing probably the harder course tomorrow.
TRAVIS VICK: Most definitely. 2 is definitely harder, in my opinion. It's more narrow and more diabolical greens. Tomorrow I play in the afternoon and I heard there's going to be a lot of wind, so it will be quite the test. But I played the North & South here and I think that's an advantage being able to see Pinehurst about a month ago, so I'm using notes that I took during that tournament over here and it's helped.

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