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August 12, 2019

Michael Thorbjornsen

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. Did you hole out on your eagle?
MICHAEL THORBJORNSEN: Yeah. On No. 2 I hit driver, it went really far for some reason, I think like I caught a dry patch just on the left side.

And then I had 181, it was kind of in between clubs. I then chose to take the longer one and the funny thing is right after I hit it, I kind of caught it a little thin, but I still had a divot and everything. I dropped my club, didn't even look at where the ball went, I knew it was going to go over the bunker, but just not what direction. And then I picked up my club, looked at the line of my divot, started walking a little bit and then everyone started yelling, saying it went in. So it was a big surprise.

Q. You didn't see it roll in?

Q. You just heard the noise.

Q. So that's exciting. Talk about the rest of your round, how did you feel out there?
MICHAEL THORBJORNSEN: So, basically I played pretty solid, just all around. I was kind of struggling those last four or five holes just with my tee shots. On the front nine I couldn't miss with my driver and then on the back it was, I was having trouble just making contact, it was going way left, way right, high slices and stuff. But I managed to scramble pretty well.

And then another small thing is, putts inside six feet, they can look straight but they can snap just out of nowhere. And I had probably four putts that were missed inside of five feet today and it's kind of frustrating, but at the same time if I can manage to sort that out, then I could go pretty low, I guess.

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