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August 12, 2019

Scott Harvey

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. Probably not as good as you wanted to be today, but talk about it a little bit.
SCOTT HARVEY: I would say that's a yes and no to that. So, yes, after my practice rounds, as bad as I played, I would have taken 72 and not even got out there -- I would have probably taken 75 and not gone out there.

But I got off to a pretty good start and kind of shocked myself.

And then I made a double and I was like, oh, okay, I'm back to reality here and then, whatever, but I'm just not sharp right now and if you're not sharp on these courses you're going to pay the price. I'm just fortunate that I was on this one and not that one, because that would have been an 80 over there.

Q. How much experience have you had on 4 since it's been opened?

Q. First time you played it when you came to the practice rounds?
SCOTT HARVEY: Yeah. I would like to come down here a lot, but I just don't. I got family and whatever. But since the renovation, first time I saw it was Saturday.

Q. Before the championship what condition was your game in?
SCOTT HARVEY: It was -- up through June it was as good as it's ever been, honestly. But then -- so the way the last couple years have been for me I'll go play in a tournament and then I won't play again until the next tournament. And that's kind of what it is.

So that's just -- kind of however I show up is how it is. I've been hitting some balls and whatever, but I haven't played and it was getting a little iffy here and there, but like I said I wasn't playing, I didn't any since the Porter Cup.

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