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August 11, 2019

Rodney Childers

Brooklyn, Michigan

Q. You looked calm on the pit box all afternoon long, but I wonder if there were some butterflies churning in there. You told me you were confident you could make it, but was there any concern you might run out?
RODNEY CHILDERS: You know, our guys do a really good job of that. Dax and Billy were up on the box and said that we were a lap or two to the good. They've been spot‑on year after year after year, and I've been with Dax since 2009, so 10 years is a lot of trust there. I felt good about it, but we got him to save a little bit those last seven, eight laps just to be sure. And you never know if there's going to be a green‑white‑checkered.
So just really cool to get it here into Victory Lane. The car was incredible all weekend long, and when the car is that good all weekend long you definitely want to park it here after the race, and just really proud of everybody at Stewart‑Haas Racing and all the guys at Roush Yates. It's been a fun weekend.

Q. You and I talked about coming here in June and how fast you were, but you never really felt like you could show it, kind of had to come through the field a couple times. But you had the confidence to bring back the same car, the same body build, same setup and everything. Was there ever a question where you said, maybe we should do something different or did you know you would be that good this weekend?
RODNEY CHILDERS: We felt like we had really good speed in the spring. Our biggest problem in the spring was we had too much left front camber and we kept cording the outside of the left front tire, and it just put us in a bad position. We had to put four tires on it a few times when we really needed to put two tires on it and keep track position.
That was kind of the thing that messed us up in the spring, but we felt confident coming back this weekend that we would have a good car, and it was cool to see it unload on Friday and how fast it was, and it's been a lot of fun.

Q. Do you kind of feel like you're having the season the 22 had last year where you're kind of rounding into shape at the right time, building speed going into the Playoffs?
RODNEY CHILDERS: I mean, you know, I think everybody knows we were just off at the beginning of the year. We made some poor decisions over the winter, and everybody at Stewart‑Haas Racing has worked really hard to try to get the cars better, and to try to understand this type of racing. This type of racing is definitely the hardest that I've ever been involved in, and it's just‑‑ it's a mental game, and you have to stay focused and build the right cars for the right weekends. Our guys have been doing a good job of that at the shop.
Like I said, it's starting to be a lot more fun, and hopefully we can keep this going.

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