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August 11, 2019

Bianca Andreescu

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

B. ANDREESCU/S. Williams

3-1 [Ret.]

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congrats. It's been memorable I'm sure. So how have you been the last few minutes, few hours? How has it been?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: It's been pretty hectic. I've been talking to a lot of people, taking a lot of pictures. So it really hasn't sunk in yet.

It's not easy for Serena, for sure, to pull out, especially to pull out in a final. I know how she feels because I've done that many times in my short career. But sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

And, yeah, it's not the way I wanted to win, but a win is a win. So I'm really, really happy.

Q. You say a win is a win, and I'm sure it is, but does it take any of the sheen off for you, having it happen this way?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Well, I would say that the win in Indian Wells was -- I mean, it was a hard-fought battle. So I felt like it was a sweeter victory at the time.

But this tournament is at home. I've dedicated so much hard work and sweat on that tennis court and in this gym, so this tournament is definitely ten times more special.

Q. I had a chance to talk to Faye Urban earlier today. She was watching your match and rooting for you. She had some complimentary things to say about you. Do you have any desire or intention to potentially meet with her in the coming days?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I would love to meet her. I have never met her. Gavin just told me that she couldn't actually come to watch the match. She was a bit sick.

But she said that she had a feeling that I would win this tournament and that I'm a true champion in her eyes, which means so much to me coming from her. So I would definitely love to meet her.

Q. After Indian Wells, the first thing you did was FaceTime your parents because they weren't able to be there for that. They were able to be here today. What's it like to not only win at home but to win in front of your parents?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: It's incredible because we've been through so much together. And just being able to hug them after was really, really nice.

And I'd say that I would dedicate this trophy to them.

Q. Karl Hale earlier this morning said that you matched donations to Tennis Canada's "What It Takes" campaign. I'm curious how you see your performance on the court as well as off the court with your generosity inspire Canadians across this country.
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Being able to give back to the community and to the next-gen is an amazing feeling for me because I love to give, so having that opportunity is amazing.

And now that I won this tournament, I think it's going to give a lot of other kids and just tennis in Canada a bigger push. So hopefully this win can definitely do that.

Q. From our vantage point, it didn't look like anything was bothering Serena. She fired two aces. She was serving at 198 kilometers an hour. Did you notice anything or when did you notice something was wrong?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I didn't notice anything whatsoever. It was very surprising. But sometimes things happen.

And, sadly, it had to be like that. But I wish her the fastest recovery.

Q. So when did you know? When you saw the trainer come over?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah. When she sat down and then the chair umpire said she won't be able to continue.

Q. It's obviously early yet but some are already saying that you are a frontrunner for the Lou Marsh trophy as the Canadian athlete of the year. Has that crossed your mind at all? And if that is the case, what are your thoughts on that?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: That hasn't crossed my mind. But if I win that, then it would be awesome. I'm not complaining right now.

I haven't really thought about anything other than this win. So anything outside of this is a bonus.

Q. Serena was in here earlier and said that she was a fan. She really appreciated what you said to her on court and she also said that you're an old soul. What does it feel like to hear that from her and do you agree?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, after I gave my speech, she's like, That was very mature of you. I wouldn't have given that when I was your age.

So coming from her, that means a lot.

But, yeah, I would say I'm an old soul. I love to read. I love to research on my own. I just love to learn, learn, learn. Because I believe that knowledge is power and I enjoy doing that.

So I try my best to just become better and better. So I think that's where she sees that from.

Q. Last year you were dealing with some back issues. You came back from that. This year shoulder issues and you have come back from that. Where does your resiliency and mental toughness come from?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: From practice. I meditate a lot. I visualize a lot. I know I've said that a lot at Indian Wells. I think it's really important to work your mind just as hard as you work physically.

I think a lot of people just work physically and forget about the mental part, but in reality your brain is controlling your body. So if you're strong mentally, then I think you can find other resources to push your body physically if things aren't going your way in that sense. And I think that's what I've been doing this week and the past season.

Q. A lot of Canadian tennis players have made headlines in the past two years. You, Denis, Felix. One other Canadian tennis player that made headlines is Maria Patrascu. She started the Pink Petition about the world tennis tour and the new reform that they're putting into the lower levels of the ITF. She says it's harming Canadian tennis. Are you familiar with that petition and do you have any comments about the ITF's recent rule changes?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I'm really not, no. So I have no idea how to answer that question. Sorry.

Q. During the week, you were talking about wanting to make WTA finals at the end of the year as one of your goals. Why is that such an important goal for you and what would it mean if you do qualify?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: It will be awesome. Just being part of that elite group would mean the world. I mean, I'm going to be playing against the best players in the world. So having my name beside theirs would mean a lot.

Q. I know that your time on the court was brief but how did it feel to stare across the net and see Serena Williams and knowing you were going to play her? Earlier in the week, Naomi kind of described that she was kind of excited to show off her skills the first time she played her. Did you feel something similar as you were stepping on the court?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, for sure, stepping on the court, I wanted to show her what I'm made of. But I try not to focus on that.

I just want to put on the performance for myself and for my team. And I think I did that in the first four games.

But before the match, I was really, really nervous. I mean, I'm playing Serena in the finals of the Rogers Cup. So I was definitely nervous, but I think I handled the nerves really well. I mean, before situations or scenarios happen, I'm pretty, like, anxious. But once things get going, then I'm totally cool.

Q. After the match was over there was a situation where you got down on your knees right in front of Serena and wrapped your arms around her and you had a little bit of a conversation there. Can you enlighten us as to what each of you were saying at that moment?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Well, I started tearing up because she was tearing up. It's because I know how she feels. Injuries really, really suck.

So I just said, Girl, you are -- I'm not going to say it (laughing).

You are a beast. You're going to bounce back. You've dealt with so much in your career, this is just a minor setback for a major comeback, I'm sure.

And she was really nice. She was saying very nice things about me, so I really appreciated that.

Q. A little bit of irony in the injury department because in the quarterfinals it looked like you might, in fact, have to pull out of the tournament with your groin injury. How close were you to thinking about pulling out at that point rather than risk further injury, and how is your groin now and will you be playing Cincinnati and New York?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, when I felt my groin in the quarters, it was pretty bad. I felt it quite a lot. But the taping helped after I saw the physio.

I wasn't going to pull out in the quarterfinal match at the Rogers Cup, because I could walk totally fine. It was just some balls that hurt when I -- especially on the open-stance backhand. But I wasn't thinking of pulling out whatsoever.

And I haven't thought about that yet. I was going to talk to my coach after everything is settled, and we'll make a decision about Cincinnati.

Q. You mentioned that you read a lot and you think that education helps your mental fortitude. What are some of the things that you read to help with that?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I love to read self-help books about the mind, how the mind works. Because the mind is an incredible tool. You basically can create your own reality with your mind.

And ever since I started doing that and working on that, it's been showing the past couple of months, and I'm really grateful for that. So I'm not going to change anything and I'm going to continue.

Q. Obviously you won Indian Wells, but what is winning at home where there's possibly more pressure and expectation do in terms of your confidence and belief that you can win a Grand Slam?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, this has definitely got my confidence level up here (indicating), being able to deal with all the pressure and all the expectations from everyone.

I'm just really proud with how I dealt with everything. And hopefully this win can give me momentum into the US Open.

Q. Obviously it's been a hectic last few hours for you, but have you gotten a chance to look at your messages and see all the congratulations that are pouring in?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: No, I haven't. I want to stay away from that tonight and just enjoy the moment right now. But don't worry, I'll answer to everyone tomorrow. (Laughing.)

Q. Can you compare this to the NBA championships win at all?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Oh, this is definitely going in Canadian history, both, for sure.

Yeah, with the Raptors win, it was truly legendary. And, yeah, hopefully this can be just as good. (Smiling.)

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