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August 11, 2019

Justin Rose

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Didn't find any momentum, despite the birdie on the first?
JUSTIN ROSE: Nice way to start the day. Had a lovely range session before the day so I felt good about things. Yeah, at the sixth hole, it's a hole that's kind of killed me all week. It's an easy par 5, mid-iron into the green there and hit it straight right into the water and made six. Bogeyed the very next hole.

From that point, you're trying to have something special happen. I still believed -- I was still trying to come home in 6-under and still try to post a number. It wasn't to be. That's a tall order and a big as being.

Yeah, if I just look at the par 5s this week, that's probably where I missed my opportunities but a lot of good stuff, too. Had a lot of quality shots today and putter was good for the most part this week.

Yeah, without winning, we've got to kind of look at it constructively and build something going forward.

Q. How about overall, what was the experience this week?
JUSTIN ROSE: Fantastic. I love staying downtown New York. I love this golf course. It's really fun and I thought the crowd here were fantastic here in jersey. Really good energy but kind of supportive, supportive of all the players, or that's how it felt to me. It was a really fun week. The weather cooperated for the most part and it's a tight finish. All anybody could ask for.

Q. Any particular holes that you thought you had trouble with?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, the par 5s, 6 and 13, that's where I lost the tournament. The leaders probably played those holes in 4- to 6-under average for the week and I played them probably even par. Maybe even over par, so I'm giving up a few there.

Q. How would you say the fan base is compared to other events that you've played in?
JUSTIN ROSE: Fantastic. New York has a reputation of being a tough crowd. Everyone was fantastic this week and supportive of all the players, whether they are Americans or international guys. You can have a bit of fun. They like you to engage and interact and have a bit of banter. That's good.

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