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August 11, 2019

Adam Schenk

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. 4-under par, projected 71, a lot of things can change, but just some comments on what it means to make it to the Playoffs, how much it would mean to get to next week?
ADAM SCHENK: Yeah, it would be huge. My fiancée, court any, lived in Chicago for five or six years, so I spent a lot of time up there. Family would be able to drive up, four and a half, five-hour drive. I know the Midwest, love the golf course. Been around me dine a few times and would love to get the chance to play it. But like you said, gave myself a chance today. Just see what happens.

Q. What happens between now and the end of the day?
ADAM SCHENK: I think we're going to hang out here for a little while. Grab some lunch. Take a shower in the locker room and then get going after that, or maybe we'll know something in two or three hours. We have a flight to Jacksonville tonight. Hopefully we change that.

Q. What about being in the FedExCup Playoffs overall, how have you felt overall this week? What's your take away?
ADAM SCHENK: One for two, making the FedExCup Playoffs, definitely, this time of the year you want to make it as far as you can. Would love to make it though next week but definitely making it to this week is the first step.

Q. Did anything change in terms of how you approached your game, your course management this week?
ADAM SCHENK: From this week to the past tournaments?

Q. From Wyndham heading into this week?
ADAM SCHENK: You know, there's probably a little less pressure this week just because I had to play pretty well just to try to make it to next week. You know, making the cut and finishing 40th wasn't going to do it for me. I kind of had some freedom there which is nice, like today. I just go shoot even par and it would move me up or move me down. So I really had nothing to lose, so might as well go try and shoot a low number and if you shoot 3- or 4-over, it doesn't really matter.

Q. Are you a numbers guy? Did you look at the standings?
ADAM SCHENK: I thought we had to shoot five or six, and then the wind did pick up. Some of the spots where the pins were got a little burned out. End up with four, obviously, so hopefully it's enough. We'll find out.

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