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August 11, 2019

Corey Conners

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Sum up your day, your week. Not the easiest of conditions, but under par coming in?
COREY CONNERS: It was a battle. I played pretty nicely today. I had things under control. Disappointed to finish with a bogey. I had a poor tee shot there at the last. Yeah, when I got out of position, I battled hard pretty much the whole week. Made a bunch of birdies, which is good. Just tidy up some of the mistakes next week and hopefully we can get in the mix.

Yeah, first FedExCup Playoff event under my belt. Pleased with the way. Just made a few too many mistakes possibly to contends this week but game's good. Lots of good stuff happening.

Q. The meeting with Ernie for the Presidents Cup Wednesday afternoon did that motivate you?
COREY CONNERS: Yeah, definitely trying to bear down and get as many World Ranking points as I can and move up the list. Yeah, it would be a dream come true to play for Ernie in Australia this December, but yeah, just trying to be really focused and trying to do what I can to earn my spot on the team. There's one more week, like you said, and hopefully I can end up with a bang.

Q. Did you talk about Adam about his experience playing the Presidents Cup here a couple weeks back?
COREY CONNERS: Yeah, I played a practice round with this week and he had a lot to say about it. It's an incredible experience for us players and being a Canadian, getting on a Presidents Cup team would be a huge deal. I remember when he played, the whole country was behind him. Yeah, if I can keep playing well and earn my spot, then I know it will be the same for me. It would be just an awesome experience.

Q. Would he would you throw in additional events in your schedule to try and impress him?
COREY CONNERS: There's a possibility of that, definitely. I haven't really thought that far ahead. Just focused on the FedExCup Playoffs and trying to finish off as well as I can and know after the top eight next week, get an automatic spot. Trying to do what I can and see if I can sneak up there.

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