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August 11, 2019

Wyndham Clark

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. You're projected at 68. So what will you do now? Are you nervous Still?
WYNDHAM CLARK: I'm definitely a little nervous. But I'll just go pack up and I've got to catch a flight regardless. We'll see where I'm going, either home or Chicago.

Q. You had a pretty lengthy birdie putt on 18 and I saw your reaction. You really wanted that one to go in, didn't you?
WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, because I think that would 100 percent put me in and I left it just short.

It was a good year and I played really well. It's up to them, so if I get in, it would be great, and if not, then it's been a good year.

Q. What are your feelings on the Playoffs, someone that's on the bubble, what's it like to be there and how do you feel about how it's set up?
WYNDHAM CLARK: Coming from where I was, it's not that much pressure because if I play well, great and if I don't, then I'm not getting in. But this last day, now that I came on the bubble, I definitely felt a lot more very sure. It sets me up for the fall and next year being in the Top-70. I hope I get in.

We just wanted to go out there and play free. I was a little tight early on unfortunately but then kind of loosened up and hit some awesome shots, and I really played solid for, I don't know, like 13 holes and I just had one mess-up on the par 3. My short game has been my saving grace all year, and I leaned on that today. I made some clutch up-and-downs coming down the stretch.

Q. Looks like you did what you needed to do.
WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, it's been a good week. You know, it's exciting that I'm in this position. That's kind of what we wanted coming into this week, and you know, if we get to Chicago, that would be awesome.

Q. Does it give you a sense of freedom, knowing you just have to go low and see what happens?
WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, definitely earlier on in the week, the first two, two or three days, that was kind of the mentality. I knew I had to play well so there's no reason to go out there and play conservative and tentative, and today was a little different situation because we knew we were on the bubble. So that kind of tightened things up a little bit but still, I felt like we had a good mind-set all week.

Q. 70 is a great number. A couple of Invitational and things like that, gives you a chance to really set that schedule, should you sneak in next week.
WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, really, that's one of the biggest things for us is just next year, makes our schedule a lot easier and we get into some of the really good events. That just makes your year a lot easier and going forward.

Q. And of course, obviously you'll be near the back of 70; I'm guessing you'll freewheel it?
WYNDHAM CLARK: Chicago, if we make that, might as well. We're going to have to play really well, so might as well go for broke.

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