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August 11, 2019

Adam Scott

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. A 65, what clicked today?
ADAM SCOTT: I hit the ball well today. Much better than the first three days. Worked on a couple things in the warm-up today and that worked out nicely. It was a good day to hit it well because the greens, the pins were a little tougher, and you didn't want to have to be scrambling too much.

I kind of took advantage of most of the good shots, but a couple on 14 and 15 that I might regret missing, but all in all, it was really good, and now I'm going to go into next week kind of knowing that I'm probably at East Lake and have a crack next week.

Q. Where does that rank when you're judging your season, making it to East Lake versus not making it to East Lake? I know winning is the ultimate goal but where does East Lake rank?
ADAM SCOTT: It's different than it used to be because you can have one good week this week and get into East Lake from 100th; that's to take nothing away from having a good week at the Playoffs. That's what Playoffs are all about. But it's certainly different than, say, the early part of my career where you had to be in the top 30 in money. There was no one good week the last week to come from even 100th to get in almost.

So I feel like it's just a different format, but you want to be there because you want to win the FedExCup. That's what it means to get to East Lake.

Q. Does this week make you feel like you're back on track?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it took me a bit by surprise, The Open, and then maybe a slight hangover in Memphis, was a little loose, but I did some good work last week. Was surprised it wasn't better the first three days here, but I was just grinding hard and then finally got it in a spot today.

Hopefully I can manage to hold that for the next three days and tee off with some form. Again, the story of my year; I just tee off too far back on Sunday to feel like I can win these things, and when I have had a good round, someone else has had a better round.

Q. What would be the one or two things you might change going forward about your schedule that you might have learned this year?
ADAM SCOTT: Oh, look, I like the schedule. It didn't really -- I didn't really have to change too much, but I'll probably play a couple more in the fall, looking ahead, so I can play even less next year.

Q. Abraham Ancer looks like he's going to be popping up on the Presidents Cup team. Your thoughts on that?
ADAM SCOTT: I like that. He's played consistently well for the better part of a year. I got to play with him in New Orleans for the first time, and I think he's a real weapon for us at Royal Melbourne to be perfectly honest. He's straight as an arrow and he looks like he's got a pretty slick short game. I'm glad he's probably going to lock up a spot, and that frees up probably a pick for Ernie -- I don't know, but I probably would have picked him if it was me.

Q. Locked up East Lake; is it nice that you know for certain that you're going there next week and it's just about as getting as close to that 10-under?
ADAM SCOTT: It's good, because you know, the last couple years has been a scramble for me. Last year was and I ran out of gas and it's much nicer being able to play free next week. And if I can hit it like I did today, at least half of next week, that would be better than I did next week and maybe I can get myself in a position to win a golf tournament.

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