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August 11, 2019

Abraham Ancer

Jersey City, New Jersey

CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: So he will he second, your best PGA TOUR finishing. Talk us through the emotions right now.

ABRAHAM ANCER: Really proud how I played today. Took awhile to make birdies on the back nine. I didn't put much pressure on Patrick except 17 and 18. Like I said, I'm really proud the way I hung in there under the gun all day. I'm closer to the W and really happy with all the boxes I checked off with this finish, the Presidents Cup, THE TOUR Championship and all that. That was big. That last putt on 18 was huge.

Q. Getting into THE TOUR Championship and the Masters, your first one, can you describe what it feels like to get into those two events?
ABRAHAM ANCER: I had no idea if I finished solo second that would be the case. I obviously wanted to finish first and obviously would have locked it in but it's really pleasing to know that with the work that I put today and this week, and all year, really paid off in a way, still without getting the W but yeah, I'm extremely happy with all those boxes that I checked off and can't wait for that, playing my first Masters, I guess that's also all the WGCs. Making it into THE TOUR Championship is huge.

Q. Kind of along those lines, I'm sure you're out there thinking not so much about math, but running that putt by, the bogey, what the points would be, were you thinking only win on that last putt up the ridge?
ABRAHAM ANCER: When I hit my second shot, I thought there was a little bit of help with the wind and I striped it and I was like, that's going to get to pin-high and I'm going to have a good look. When I saw it come up short and hit that bank, I felt like, man, I should have been closer to the hole and all I was thinking was making birdie and trying to tie it up.

And yeah, after I hit it and saw it roll by, I don't know how far it was, six, seven feet or, so I was like, man, that was kind of dumb. But gathered myself; took my time. I had a good read with my caddie and put a good stroke on it and it went in the center.

Q. You know I'm going to get you to elaborate on the Presidents Cup. You can't be caught with the numbers that are available. You would have been confident you were going anyway, but is it nice to know for sure?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, like I said, I didn't want to leave it to a decision. I wanted to lock it in. That was one of my main, main goals for this year. That is something going to be an experience that I will never, never forget. I think the first Mexican that's going to play in The Presidents Cup; that's huge. I mean, I get a little bit of goosebumps right now just talking about it.

Just for Mexican golf, I think it's big. Obviously for me, being selfish, it's awesome and it's going to be a lot of fun, but in the bigger picture for Mexican golf, it's awesome.

Q. Talking about Mexican golf, there's one more thing, I don't know if you realize it, but you're making room for another Mexican in the WGC.
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, that's huge. I was reading an e-mail saying that if I qualify on my own terms and not get that spot, then the next Mexican will get it, which that will be awesome, having two of us out there in that big event in Mexico City is going to be phenomenal.

Q. Wanted for you to talk about what the journey has been for Mexican golf, everything that has happened this year.
ABRAHAM ANCER: It's been big. First time that we got four PGA TOUR players from México on TOUR. I think there's a lot more guys out there that still kind of haven't played good at the right times, but there's plenty of talent. Guys that I played with my whole life that I know they have the game to be out here, and hopefully they see me out here performing and they maybe get motivated and know that like if I do it, they can also do it, obviously.

I think it can only go up from here.

Q. The last thing is, there was a lot of people -- and it has been happening lately, Latinos and Hispanics around the course, supporting you.
ABRAHAM ANCER: It was a lot of fun out there. The crowds in New York are absolutely crazy. They are a lot of fun and there were a lot of Latinos out there. Every single hole I was talking to people -- I didn't talk to people, but I heard a bunch of obviously Spanish-speaking guys cheering me on which was awesome.

Q. Along those same lines, I know you're here as a professional golfer and athlete, but there's been so much tension at the Mexican American border and so much heartbreak, and I'm wondering what that's like for you to see?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, I think it's just unfortunate. I don't like to get really involved much in politics or anything like that, but yeah, I really hope that all gets sorted and all the distortion between U.S. and México and all that kind of goes away, because I think if they work together, they can obviously make incredible things. But like I said, I think it's a shame, all the stuff that's going on. It's a pretty touchy topic for sure.

Q. How would you describe the way Patrick played today?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, he played well. Didn't really make many mistakes except on the front nine there was a couple holes. It looked like whenever he made bogey, I kind of made bogey, as well, and the other holes it was a little bit sloppy there at the beginning for us. Then we both kind of pulled it together. He made some birdies a little earlier than me. I didn't make birdie on, I guess it was 13, the par 5, which I've been chipping really well this week except that one, I wanted to shoot myself there because I was like, man, I've been getting up-and-down from every single spot and I didn't get that one when I was just green-side for birdie. I was like, man, I knew that one was going to cost me.

But yeah, he played really well. He made birdie on the next hole, the par 3, which is a really tough pin. After that, he just didn't make any mistakes.

Q. You where are right on the bubble for Medinah coming in. How much was that on your mind earlier in the week?
ABRAHAM ANCER: When I got here, I knew where I stood. I was 67 on the Presidents Cup -- on -- see how much it's on my mind (laughter) on the FedExCup.

I knew I had to play a solid tournament just to advance, so it was no option. But I didn't want to just to focus on that. I wanted to get obviously the highest finish I could get to make it to THE TOUR Championship, which it was definitely one of my goals starting this year.

Q. Was that your dad following you today, and whoever it was, was more excited about how you were playing than you were.
ABRAHAM ANCER: No, definitely not my dad. I don't know which one.

Q. So now that you have locked it up, you've been saying this whole time, oh, I'm not thinking about it, not thinking about it, but the truth is, you have been thinking about the Presidents Cup this whole time?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Of course, yeah. Every week I'm definitely thinking about it, but when I'm on the golf course, I try not to. You know, I know -- I just knew I had to play well. I had two weeks to do it, and being able to do it this first week kind of puts a little bit of less pressure next week.

Q. How hard is that to do, to put something like that aside?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Us golfers, we're always playing for something. Doesn't matter where you're at, if you're 125 or up here, you're always playing for something. It's just how you think. I think I'm pretty good at blocking out stuff from the outside and just focus on what I'm doing from that moment. I feel like I'm pretty good in the moment. That's what I have going for me. That's how I block it out but once I'm done, I think about it for sure.

Q. The more you talk about everything coming your way, does it feel like you finished second? You're going to the Masters, the Presidents Cup?
ABRAHAM ANCER: When I finished, like I said, I was a little down because I didn't get it done and I feel like I played good.

But then getting all this news that I'm going to THE TOUR Championship, playing all the majors, going to the Masters, all that, I was like, man, this is not too bad. I'm extremely happy, proud the way I performed today, and like I said, I'm going to keep going. I still obviously want that W, but really proud with all the boxes that I checked off today.

Q. Since you mention your dad, can you talk about how much it meant for you to play golf and to be where you are right now, your dad?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Huge. I'm extremely proud of where I've come from and how I've been able to get all the way to the big stage, which is the PGA TOUR and competing for events this big. I'm playing against the best PGA TOUR players in the world. The best 125 are here.

Yeah, it means the world to me. I'm living the dream. This is what I dreamt about when I was a little kid and I couldn't be luckier, I'll say.

CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: Thanks very much for coming in.

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