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August 11, 2019

Harold Varner III

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Ready for two more weeks of competition?
HAROLD VARNER III: Yeah, I mean, I'm only 28. I'll be 29 in three days. So I don't have anything else to do. I was going to play golf at home, anyway.

Q. What did you learn last year?
HAROLD VARNER III: So the Playoffs, I guess my second year on Tour, I was in the same position where I had a hard chance of keeping my card and I got through the next one. So to be honest with you, I've been playing really well this whole year. I just have had one bad round. It was nice to put it all together and the greatest part about it is like you just keep waiting for opportunities. You stay patient and you keep doing the things that you believe, and you know, it paid off today.

Q. Can you talk about what you might have learned in the final round of the PGA Championship that helped you maybe after nine today to keep the wheels on?
HAROLD VARNER III: I'm playing a lot better than I was that last round, so that kind of helped, and it's not blowing 40.

Yeah, I learned a lot; that I'm capable, and you know, you just need a chance, and I had a chance. Just if you're 100 percent on taking advantage of every chance, I'd be Tiger Woods, I guess.

Q. As good as this week has been -- when you had those opportunities on 16 and 17, how do you process that?
HAROLD VARNER III: I felt like I missed the putt. You hit a lot of putts in your career and you miss some, and to be honest, this is the best finish I've had on TOUR. So I'm going learn something from this. It's my journey. I'm running it and I'm super excited to be on it.

Q. What was the biggest thing you learned at Bethpage?
HAROLD VARNER III: Same thing I told her, I'm capable. It's so easy to get caught in, this didn't go my way, but that's not how I operate. Just knowing I can do it, doesn't matter. I work hard enough. At the end of the day, everyone's good. It's just the people who work the hardest.

It gives me confidence but I haven't really thought about it, like actually process what happened what I did on those putts. But right now I'm just excited to be going to Chicago. I've never been to Chicago.

Q. What's the one thing you want to do?
HAROLD VARNER III: I want to go play good golf. I don't really sight see, not when I play golf. If I want to go do that, I can do it on my off-time.

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