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August 11, 2019

Anne Van Dam

North Berwick, Scotland

ANNE VAN DAM: I feel bad about the bogey on 18.

Q. Overall, obviously the goal --
ANNE VAN DAM: Overall, if I said at the beginning of the week I would play Top-10 here, I'll take it. But yeah, I felt like there was definitely more into it this week than that. But that's golf. You don't always get what you think you can.

Q. You said it was a two-year sort of goal to get on the team.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, for sure. It's a great feeling knowing that I'll be going and represent Europe. It's just mixed feelings because it was just a regular LPGA this event, of course, as well.

Q. You're still okay for the LPGA card?
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, of course. This will give me a huge boost up the rankings. I have four more events that count from the regular season. So just try to play as well as I can in those four.

Q. What's your schedule before Solheim?
ANNE VAN DAM: Canada and Portland.

Q. So you are heading to Gleneagles tomorrow?

Q. And Canada straight from there?
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, I go home and then to Canada.

Q. You'll be the second Dutch player. Were you friends with her?
ANNE VAN DAM: We grew up in different times playing. She was already a pro when I was an amateur. We didn't play that much together, but I know her a little bit and I think it's great for Holland to have another player in the Solheim Cup.

Q. What were your inspirations growing up playing golf?
ANNE VAN DAM: Probably Annika Sorenstam for sure. She's the greatest female golfer of all time.

Q. Have you spoken to anybody about Solheim?

Q. What to expect and things like that?
ANNE VAN DAM: Oh, really -- for me, there was no point of talking to anyone until I qualified. Yeah, I think now I can.

Q. Did Catriona speak to you at all?
ANNE VAN DAM: No. I haven't talked to her at all for a single moment until this morning actually. For me, I have to play as well as I can until this week, and after that, it's just for me, there's no need to ask where I'm at in the standings or whatever.

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