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August 10, 2019

Byeonghun An

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Since Thursday, things have looked up?
BYEONGHUN AN: Yeah, I think until the fourth hole, the fifth hole, into the par 5, I was 4-over and to be where I am now is probably I'm happy to be playing the weekend to be fair because I wasn't -- well, I hit it okay but I didn't putt it great and I knew I had sort of faith in me after playing last week, keeping the momentum going. I just stayed aggressive and made an eagle in the first round. I think that definitely helped seeing 2-over par and made a big safe after the first round, but that gave me hope to say, trying to make the cut.

Yesterday was kind of lucky, because I played in the morning and wind was calmer than this and greens were nice, so I made a lot of putts. Everything just clicked. So that's how I was able to make the cut.

To be here playing the weekend, I think that's a big bonus after the sloppy start Thursday.

Q. What was the key out there for you to try and keep the score?
BYEONGHUN AN: On days like this, you have to keep it in the fairway and then I tried to keep it in the fairway by putting it definitely -- I used a lot of 2-irons because I want to keep it in play and I know I have a good chance, as long as I keep it in the fairway. I had a lot of birdie chances, especially on the back nine. It's good to have a good long game on days like this where it's really windy because you don't want to miss it in the wrong spots. I did that pretty well today and that's how I was able to shoot 3-under.

Q. Good to finish with an up-and-down?
BYEONGHUN AN: Yeah, that was nice. I struggled on the back nine but definitely the par on the last helped me because missed a short birdie putt on 17. Missed a -- I made bogey on 14. Missed birdie on 13. Definitely nice to get up-and-down on the last. That definitely helps going into the final round.

Q. Going into tomorrow, last day, will you change your strategy whatsoever?
BYEONGHUN AN: No, just same as today. I stayed fairly aggressive today. I was firing at the pins and I was getting aggressive because I know -- like I said, I'm hitting it really well. I'm take advantage of it, hitting it well, so just keep firing at pins. As long as I don't miss on the wrong spot, I can go a bit more aggressive and hopefully a lot of putts drop tomorrow.

Q. Some happy family news?
BYEONGHUN AN: Yeah, a newborn baby coming next year, February. So yeah, I'm really, really excited to hear that news and just can't wait to have my son. It's going to be fun.

It will be life-changing I think. You have two people and then adding another one. I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be a challenge but also extra fun and definitely as something in my life more than golf.

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