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August 10, 2019

Danny Willett

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Got yourself in good shape after the third round. Ready to make a good move in the FedExCup standings?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, a nice day's work. Wasn't quite expecting -- after 12 holes, we were just teetering around and not really doing anything and yeah the last kind of six holes, jumped up on us pretty fast. A good position going into tomorrow and hopefully we can just enjoy ourselves and end up with one of them Top-70 pots.

Q. Talk us through 16, the eagle.
DANNY WILLETT: Pulled my tee shot into the left rough, as I have done every day. Yeah, a little bump-and-run 8-iron under the tree and up the bank. To be honest anywhere on and around that green would have been a great shot, and yeah, for it to pop in them, it's one of them really nice bonuses you get.

Q. Do you feel like your game is trending the right direction this year, working with Sean, have you seen good progress or not seeing the full progress?
DANNY WILLETT: There's a lot that goes into this game, isn't there. It's not just about swings and about moves and this and that. The body is as good as it has been. We're completely pain-free. We're working out pretty good. From that, you can practice harder and kind of then tick off every box, whereas before, the body still wasn't quite great.

You still can't do as much as you need on all aspects. You're still trying to do well what you're doing most -- because you're fully fit, you can put the days back in, six' and eight-hour days of practice, and you don't feel the fatigue from it. And because of that, I think it's more that you can keep the game sharp, short game-wise, putting.

When I first started, everything was about body movement, just trying to get pain-free and swinging and stuff, and now, because all that stuff is pretty nice, we can then focus on other areas, which is why I think we've seen the bigger gains.

Q. How does it feel to be back in contention and get the juices flowing?
DANNY WILLETT: It was real nice. U.S. Open, two straight weeks where we were up there and then being back at The Open in contention was amazing a couple of weeks ago. Like I said this, week, we've just been floating around kind of mid 20s most of the week, and yeah, that round today is going to put us around the Top-10 by the end of the day, depending how the guys are finishing. Be right in there for another good finish tomorrow; it's right where we want to be. It's nice to be there.

Q. You're focused to go out and win this golf tournament tomorrow, but is FedExCup, Top-70, in the back of your mind?
DANNY WILLETT: For me, we need -- I can't remember what it was at the beginning of the week, a Top-10 or Top-12 or something, again, with how other people are doing, to make it to next week. The main focus tomorrow is to just keep going and keep playing and keep trying to make birdies, and after 18 holes, kind of sign your card and hope that you've done enough.

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