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August 10, 2019

Megha Ganne

West Point, Mississippi

Q. 3-down early to one of the best players in the world. She let you back in with a three-putt, and then it seemed like you started to gain a little more confidence as it progressed.
MEGHA GANNE: Yeah, my confidence wasn't really there for some of the front nine. But you know, I just remembered that I'm a player and she's a player, and it's not about rankings or last week or yesterday, it's about today's round, and that's it. You know, maybe nine times out of ten I'm not going to beat her, but today could be the day that I did. So I really just stayed in it.

Q. And then obviously the two great shots on 14 and 15, you knock it on the green, you make an eagle there, and then the birdie on 15 from the pine straw, talk about those two shots and what you were feeling as you won those two holes.
MEGHA GANNE: That was probably the highlight of my week just because that's what you play these events for. Pars are nice, but when you get under pressure and people are watching and you're in a match and you're down and you pull off just two incredible shots like that, it really just feels good, and you can hold on to those memories for a long time.

Q. And then the bad break on 17, but you turned it around, and on 18 that hole has been good to you all week.
MEGHA GANNE: Yeah, I just found the fairway, found the green, and I've been putting well on 18. Yeah, I was lucky to get 18, and then I took it to 19, which yeah, anything could happen from there.

Q. And you missed about a five-, six-footer there for birdie?

Q. On the last hole. We were watching --
MEGHA GANNE: 18? It was already conceded. I didn't line it up or anything, I was just trying to see where it was breaking. I was just testing my read.

Q. So she made a putt for birdie?
MEGHA GANNE: She made bogey, and then she --

Q. On the 19th hole.
MEGHA GANNE: Oh, on the 19th hole. Yeah, she made like probably a 10-footer for birdie, and then I had an eight-foot side-hill putt, and it just missed on the left side.

Q. Your thoughts about this whole week for you. I know you played in the Women's Open and you played in the Girls' Junior, but to get to the semifinals against this class of players and what you did, what do you take going forward from a week like this?
MEGHA GANNE: I'm ready to be back here again, and I'm ready to go to the final and win it in the coming years. I know that I have everything it takes. I've just got to test my game against really good players like Regina Kim in 64 and Albane and I got to compare and see where they're better and where I'm not, and I'm ready to work on those this winter, and I'll be back next year.

Q. You've got two more years, so you're in the Amateur for '20 and '21, and you're in the Girls' Junior next year, as well. I mean, your World Ranking is probably going to go up a lot. I mean, you can take a lot of positives from this week.
MEGHA GANNE: Yes, absolutely.

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