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August 10, 2019

Carly Booth

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. 5-under, you're in contention, aren't you?
CARLY BOOTH: I played very solid today. I missed -- well, if I missed any shots, it was in the right place. I think that's the most important thing about the last couple days is really where your misses are. Putted solidly and my long putting was very good for distance control. That really helped.

Yeah, just made the birdies when I needed to and no dropped shots, which is nice.

Q. You just said before we started, it was a good day yesterday to play in the afternoon, as well, wasn't it?
CARLY BOOTH: Yeah, yesterday's weather was very up-and-down. I think people that did tee off in the afternoon did get the better side of the draw, so that's quite nice. It is what it is. There's times where you have the bad side of the draw. I've had my ups and downs with that. Happy with how everything's gone so far this week.

Q. You played some really good stuff, and you've won this tournament before. How important is it for you to perform at home?
CARLY BOOTH: Well being here at The Scottish Open on an invite, as well, and obviously being a past winner, too, I always want to win again and make the home crowd be there and support and cheer, and it's great to have some friends and family around, which is nice. It doesn't happen for me at all during the year. This is the only event where I have some family, so it's always nice to come back and play in Scotland.

Q. Good for you to be up contending with the win when the best players in the world are in town, as well, must make it a bit more special?
CARLY BOOTH: Yeah, it was disappointing last week missing the cut at the British Open because my game has been good. I just couldn't get the putts in the hole last week and seems to be a little bit better this week. So just staying positive, playing how I've been playing and just try and have some fun.

Q. Hitting the ball very well?
CARLY BOOTH: Yeah, I just kind of found my rhythm now. It's been a bit mixed. I think with the wind sometimes you start trying to play shots that you don't really, you know, normally play, and then you're trying to keep the ball a bit lower. I think I just found my -- kind of my rhythm today.

Q. Were you bogey-free yesterday, as well?
CARLY BOOTH: No. I had one bogey on the first hole, which was my 10th yesterday.

Q. Nice to be involved and getting the competitive juices going?
CARLY BOOTH: Yeah, it's funny how much your mind-set changes, too. When you start playing well, you start rolling the ball; you just see yourself holing the putts so much. Like you're getting mad at yourself for missing 25-footers.

It's actually great to have that feeling. It really feels good.

Q. You have been playing well most of the season, as well, not just this week.
CARLY BOOTH: It's always been slightly off with something each week. Even when I have had my good results this year, something was always slightly just not quite working. So I mean, even today, even though I shot 5-under and didn't drop any shots, I still, you know, left so many chances out there. I played with the leader the last two days, and she just doesn't miss a putt. She took advantage of that. I've not seen how she's done today, but there's so many birdie opportunities out there.

Q. What was the best today?
CARLY BOOTH: It's always nice to start off with a birdie. I had 130 into the wind on the first hole, and I just really gripped down on an 8 and hit it to like a foot. That was a great way to start off the round. I'll take that one.

Q. Obviously the Solheim Cup is in the background there. What do you think you need to do tomorrow to put yourself in with a chance?
CARLY BOOTH: I'm not thinking about it anymore. It is what it is. I can only just go out and play my best tomorrow and we'll see.

Q. Scottish Open has been pretty good to you through the years?
CARLY BOOTH: Maybe it's the home feeling.

Q. People talk about that, but it probably can be quite a comfort and a familiarity.
CARLY BOOTH: I can't say because I know the course, because I've never played this course before. So I can't say it's because it's like a home course for me.

But I think just knowing that my game has been solid coming into the week, and it's always nice to play at home. So I have no reason not to be happy.

Q. You had support, too, out there?
CARLY BOOTH: I didn't have family today. I had family yesterday -- actually, no, I didn't have family yesterday. Day one, family. I had nobody yesterday, and I had my friend, Michael, here today, which is nice. Trying to have my Mum come tomorrow.

Q. Never know how the leaders will fair --
CARLY BOOTH: I shot 5-under but I was quite surprised to not really see people going way ahead, actually. Like I didn't think I'd really be in contention or be -- I'm still not in contention. I'm at least five behind. But I didn't think I would be -- I would have come that close to being up there.

But you know, I've played with obviously Georgia and Madelene, who I played the last two days with, and you know, they just didn't seem to get it really going today. That's golf, isn't it.

Q. Is your game generally as good as it's been for a long time, you feel?
CARLY BOOTH: More consistent. Like I said, something I've worked, more so this year, is not my good golf's been better, is my bad golf's been better.

Q. Is there an example today, maybe one shot?
CARLY BOOTH: I think for me, short game. Chipping has been really good this week and my putting is much more solid this week. I actually have been using this putter all year, and then last week, I used a different putter, which was a bad idea and I went back to my old putter this week. So I made my mistake last week when I putted badly last week.

And I didn't even putt badly last week. I just couldn't get the ball in the hole. I think it was more the feel of the putter. It wasn't the pace -- I couldn't get the pace, whereas I got the pace down really well this week.

Q. You like to stride on -- but the pace, can that still be an issue or have you learned to become patient with the increasing years?
CARLY BOOTH: Ten years on Tour. You have to get used to it. But I do love fast golf. Sometimes I have to just like tell myself to slow down.

Q. Tomorrow there might be rain. Do you mind that? Does it make any difference to your mind-set?
CARLY BOOTH: Sometimes I think the harder, the better. You kind of get back into your old ways where you used to play in the rain, where some might not be so used to it. Not that I want it to rain; I like this weather, but if push comes to shove and that's what it is, you deal with it. I feel like I'll deal with it in the way I know.

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