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August 9, 2019

Marie Bouzkova

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


6-4, 0-0 [Ret.]

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Six straight wins now many at the Rogers Cup, including qualifying, and you haven't dropped a set all week. Is it safe to say you're having a pretty special time here in Toronto so far?
MARIE BOUZKOVA: Yeah, for sure. I don't think it could get any better.

Of course I'm disappointed that Simona had to retire today. But as I said on the court, I really enjoyed playing against her, even if it was just for one set. It was great experience.

And now I'm looking forward to playing against Serena.

Q. Can you talk a bit about what is working for your game this week?
MARIE BOUZKOVA: Well, I feel very confident on the court. I get used to them. I got used to the center court. So that's something that really helped my game that I could go for my shots but as well defend well and just pick the right times to be aggressive.

So, you know, as I progressed in this tournament, I got more confident doing so. So that's for sure something that's been the key to my victories here.

Q. At what point, if at all, did you notice something was wrong on the other side of the net?
MARIE BOUZKOVA: I actually didn't notice. I don't know if I was too focused on myself. But, yeah, I was actually very surprised that then they called the match. So, yeah, so I didn't notice anything.

We had real long rallies. So maybe it was just something that she wanted to prevent going to the second set and going, you know, fighting more. So she was just scared, you know, to get it worse.

Q. I think post-match you were saying that Serena was one of your role models growing up. How excited are you facing her tomorrow?
MARIE BOUZKOVA: Well, everything happened so fast since Simona retired, and now I'm here playing tomorrow against Serena. So I just have to, you know, deal with it.

And, yeah, Serena has been my role model growing up. So, you know, the way I play, you know, my technique, you know, is little bit -- you know, the backhand is little bit similar to hers.

So, yeah, I mean, I'm just going to try to enjoy as much as I can tomorrow and put up a fight.

Q. Do you have a particular favorite memory of Serena growing up? A certain match?
MARIE BOUZKOVA: No. I mean, she's always been the one that I've been watching the most. I don't know exactly any particular moment.

But, you know, she's been always the one that I wanted to play. And, you know, I have always watched her so much in the TV when I was at home. And, yeah, so that's it.

Q. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is your first WTA semifinal that you've made?
MARIE BOUZKOVA: Yeah. Well, I did a final in a 125 WTA, but yeah.

Q. And you beat a lot of very accomplished players on the way here. Sloane, Jelena Ostapenko, now Simona, the three Grand Slam champions. How has your belief kind of changed over the course of the week and how confident do you feel going into this match against Serena tomorrow?
MARIE BOUZKOVA: Yeah, well, I think my game has gotten more and more confident after every match. You know, today I think was the best set that I played here. You know, I was able to defend a lot of balls and as well be aggressive. So that's something that's been, you know, getting better as I got through the tournament.

So, yeah, I'm just enjoying more and more, getting more confident with my game. And I feel much better going to the center court now than I was on the first match, So that's something that helps me as well.

Q. A lot of times players are really superstitious. Do you have superstitions and, if so, have you developed any here in Toronto of like going to the same place for meals? Or you've been playing a lot of night matches, so what have your days been like here in Toronto?
MARIE BOUZKOVA: Yeah, a lot of superstitious things coming out. Even my coach started being superstitious. He's been wearing the same shirt, even the same hat. And we were, like, today he wanted to change the hat. And then, in the end, he didn't even change the hat. So, yeah.

And me, you know, like, I've always been warming up in the same place. And today when we were warming up there, I was like, so I always throw the ball from one side. And today I was on the other side, but I didn't want to say anything to my coach because he would think that I'm even more crazy. But he said it himself, We should switch because we've been doing it the whole week.

So, yeah, superstitious everywhere.

Q. It's obviously been working. What have you thought of your time here in Toronto. Because you have been here for a good ten days or so.
MARIE BOUZKOVA: Yeah, I actually arrived on Thursday. So, yeah, over a week. So we definitely didn't expect to be here, you know, still now at this time. So that's amazing.

And, yeah, I guess I'll just keep enjoying and another day tomorrow.

Q. So much young talent on the WTA these days and three of the four semifinalists here are either teenagers or in their early 20's. What is it that gives you guys this confidence going in against some of these more veteran players? Is it because you see someone like Bianca having a strong result or Sofia Kenin that that also gives you that confidence moving forward?
MARIE BOUZKOVA: I guess so. I mean, all these young girls, we're kind of pushing each other. You know, when one girl does well, then, you know, another one comes and another one comes. So we're just maybe giving ourselves the confidence we need and maybe the calmness, as well, not to be worried so much against who we play.

But, yeah, I was definitely nervous all these matches. But, yeah, I'm happy that I handled it.

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