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August 9, 2019

Abraham Ancer

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. That must have been really fun, bogey-free 65.
ABRAHAM ANCER: It was fun. It was definitely very different from yesterday. I thought yesterday was a lot of -- I mean, I made some bogeys, some eagles, some chip-ins, hole-outs, but today was very steady. Some good ball-striking and the ball started to fall in on the back nine.

Q. What was the mentality heading into this week?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Going into the tournament sitting at 67 I think, just have to play a solid tournament. Should be fine. But I don't really think about it that much while I'm playing. I know if I just do a good job with my game plan, I should be just fine.

Q. What was working best today?
ABRAHAM ANCER: I think just my ball-striking off the fairway. Hit some good iron shots, and I rolled the ball pretty well.

Q. Is that the same mentality for Ernie's team? I know he really wants you to be in that top eight?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, that's definitely in the back of my mind as one of the goals for the whole year. But yeah, I think if I just keep thinking about it, it just adds pressure to what I'm doing and it's not going to help. I just have to play solid golf and I'll have a good chance to sneak in there.

Q. You made a big jump in last year's Playoffs. How much does that give you confidence and prepare you for this week?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, that gives me a lot of confidence. Last year, I played really well in the Playoffs, or at least in two of them, and that kind of gives me good vibes, knowing I've done it and I've played some good, solid golf. I know I can do it and I can play some good golf on these golf courses. Yeah, just excited for what's coming.

Q. You have had some really solid weekends this season. Going forward, what is your mind-set?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Well, I know I've just got to make birdies. The greens are soft. If the wind -- it's not up, but it's going to be some pretty good low numbers out there. So just got to keep my blinders on and just try to make as many birdies as possible.

Q. What did you learn in last year's Playoffs that helped you, I guess, do what you did in Australia and hopefully put you in good stead this weekend?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Just knowing that I have the game to win. I won in Australia. I haven't won on the PGA TOUR, but just knowing that I have the game to get it done, that gives me a lot of confidence, obviously. Just waiting for the right time, I guess.

Like I said, just focusing on sticking to my game plan and we'll see what happens.

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