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August 9, 2019

Andrew Putnam

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Pretty good way to finish the round with a big roar on the last. What was that like?
ANDREW PUTNAM: It was just a good way to finish. Obviously didn't hit the best shot in there but to make about a 40-footer was pretty fun.

Q. And you're projected inside the top 30 now with the current finish. Is that hard to keep out of your mind?
ANDREW PUTNAM: It's not too hard to keep out of my mind. I feel like because we have another week ahead of us, a lot of golf left and opportunities. So just keep plotting our way around and see where we end up.

Q. What's the biggest difference in the last year and a half to your previous times on the PGA TOUR?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I would say overall my confidence level and my belief in myself. I did switch to hitting a cut instead of hitting a draw. I used to hit a draw through college. Was always fighting it and just felt like I needed to just let the ball do what it wanted to, and that's probably been the biggest change in my pattern.

And then just not putting too much pressure on myself. Just trying to enjoy it a little more and not live and die on every shot.

Q. How has the cut served you better than a draw?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I feel like it's a little easier to control under pressure. The way that I swing it, I felt that it just matches my body and grip and everything just a little bit better.

Q. Do you and your brother compare notes a lot?
ANDREW PUTNAM: We do a little bit, but you know, he hasn't been playing for a couple years. He's been injured. But I saw him last week and we still get out and play together a lot.

No, I feel like I'm out here figuring it out pretty good by myself.

Q. Is he considering hanging it up?
ANDREW PUTNAM: No, he still has a passion to play. They just actually had their fourth kid a couple days ago. He's been busy with that. But a couple injuries been holding him back and hasn't had great status on the Korn Ferry, so it's kind of hard trying to chase Mondays when you've got three or four kids. He'll be trying. He'll get back out here.

Q. You guys have played such great, beautiful places. Do you look around at all when you're here? This is so different.
ANDREW PUTNAM: We definitely do, especially when you get up to 14. It's pretty amazing the view they have. It's probably the best part of the course is the views out here. We're definitely lucky this week.

Q. Do you look at any particular building in the skyline?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, we do. We have a lot of targets to aim for with these buildings which is nice.

Q. Do you know the names of the buildings at all?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I couldn't -- I couldn't tell you right now, but I'm sure if I went over there, I probably could pick out a couple. I know the World Trade or One World Trade and Empire State Building. Statue of Liberty obviously.

Q. Putting a strength?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, putting has always been my strength. If I can just get it on the green, I'll be doing pretty good. My driving has gotten better the last couple years which has been a big help, and my irons, so everything is looking pretty well.

Q. Is the fade with the driver --
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, little cut.

Q. Is there a little bit of a sense here the way it's playing that you almost can't be conservative? You've got to be aggressive, because obviously we're seeing scores?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I think the par 5s are very gettable, but yesterday afternoon, I didn't feel like the course was playing as easy as the scores were looking.

Q. In the afternoon, it really did?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I think the wind was up and I was shaking my head as to why I was so far back, feeling like I was playing pretty good. But obviously this morning, played a little easier. I think if the wind picks up, this course can get pretty tricky, and I think the scores won't be as low.

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