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August 9, 2019

Troy Merritt

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. 9-under in your opening round, 1-under Friday. What was the difference between the first and the second round?
TROY MERRITT: You know, after a low round yesterday, try to shooting in under par, get something in the 60s, so that's pretty solid.

Made bogey on the last hole. I was just scratchy the last 12 holes, especially off the tee. I got into some positions that you don't really want to be in, but then I was able to get up around the green kind of in a place to get myself up-and-down, and we were able to do that quite a bit.

Chipping and putting worked quite nicely on the back side, and kept us right in it and right where we need to be going into the weekend.

Q. You came in 72nd in the FedExCup standings and are projected currently to be 29th in the standings. Does that give you more freedom heading into the weekends?
TROY MERRITT: It does. We're up here near the top of the leaderboard where you want to be in the weekend. Just focus on playing some good golf this weekend, and hopefully that will take care of itself and we can be vying for that title Sunday afternoon.

Q. How would you assess your round today?
TROY MERRITT: We got off to a great start. A couple birdies early and some good fortune there on 6 to pick up our third birdie in the first six holes and got a little scratchy after that, especially off the tee. Hit it in some spots you don't want to be in but was able to get it up around the green in spots where you can't get up-and-down for par and as a result we made our fair share of par saves.

Had a little bit of trouble on 15. Could have been a 5 if that putt went in; could easily have been a 9. 6 was a pretty solid score there.

Would have been nice to get that last par putt to go in. Hit it just a little firm. Any time you shoot something under par after a low round, it's pretty satisfying. It would have been nice to have something in the 60s today but I'll take 70. Puts us right in the middle of things for the weekend.

Q. Since The Open Championship, making these jumps and giving yourself an opportunity to play next week and beyond, have you been in that position before and do you look it? Do you like the idea of win-or-go-home, it seems.
TROY MERRITT: You know, somebody made a joke a couple years ago, that kind of when end of July, early August comes around, my game seems to kind of peak. As a result, I had two Top-10s the last four weeks and playing solid again this week.

I'd like to say that there's something to it, but I just keep grinding, keep grinding. You never know when something good is going to happen and you take advantage of hot starts when you get them and we are trying to do that this week.

Q. Is there a reason why? Is it maybe because you're from the north and that's why your game trends towards the middle of the summer?
TROY MERRITT: You know, going to high school in Minnesota and taking four or five months off, I'm still kind of in that sleep mode until summertime I guess.

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