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August 9, 2019

Patrick Reed

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. After two rounds of 65, no bogeys, must be a nice two days?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, any time you can go out and shoot 5-under a day is always solid. You know, it's just kind of one of those things, hitting the ball well. Hitting the ball in play. From that point, if you're hitting fairways here, you can really attack this golf course, and because of that, I'm able to be a little bit more aggressive with my irons and leave myself shorter putts for birdie.

Q. Rory was saying the other day, he kind of used last week to reset the season and he's looking at the Playoffs kind of as a second season. Do you sort of have the same mentality coming into these last three events?
PATRICK REED: Not really. I think the biggest thing you is just have a bit more sense of urgency. For me, it's just continue playing how I've been playing the past month, month and a half. I've been hitting the ball great. It's just the putter's been a little flat, and my knees have been hurting because of all the knee-jerks from lipping out.

Finally got to a golf course where the greens are fast, a lot of break in them, so I'm not having to sit there and look for the perfect read. I can actually use my eyes and be creative and kind of feel putts. Because of that, I'm able to hopefully get that putter on the right side where it needs to be.

Q. What's the best memory from here two years ago?
PATRICK REED: Winning the Cup, of course. I mean, I think the best memory would have been Saturday night right after we -- I can't say sealed it on Saturday, but I mean, we only needed basically a point left to win. At that point, you know, felt really, really good. Felt like we could all come out here and play loose on Sunday and enjoy the day and enjoy the fans and the crowds.

Q. How much is that on your mind going towards Melbourne trying to get on the team?
PATRICK REED: I think it's a little bit more on my mind this week just because of where we are and our background, Statue of Liberty in the background, and 2017 we played here.

So you know, it is on my mind a little bit, but really, you know, I just try to stay focused and try to continue playing some solid golf because if I play good golf, then that will take care of itself, and you know at the end of the day, you have to go out and shoot low numbers, play good golf and climb the rankings as much as you can.

Q. When did you hear about Tiger today?
PATRICK REED: I heard about it when I was basically pulling into the golf course this morning.

Q. What was your reaction?
PATRICK REED: It's unfortunate. Yeah, it's one of those things that, I mean, being -- I'm not in his shoes, so it's kind of hard to tell. But it's one of those things, you always want everyone to be able to come out and play healthy. We hope he can get healthy and get back and get to 100 percent and get back playing.

Q. What point in the last couple months did you think or see that this was heading the right direction with your swing? Was there a moment or was it kind of gradual?
PATRICK REED: I think earlier this year, it was one of those things that, you know, the ball-striking wasn't there, and the putting was, and then vice versa. All of a sudden I hit the ball well and I wouldn't make anything.

You know, I just kind of sat down and I took a reset right after Bethpage, and you know, kind of took three weeks off and shut the clubs down for a little bit. Came back and just kind of at that point reflected and looked at, okay, what's going on, where am I, and you know, we were a lot closer than we anticipated and that we saw on the numbers. Then from there, it was just get back to what we do, practicing hard and playing hard, and continue grinding through it.

Q. You're a guy that plays quite a bit, regardless of what type of season it is. Have you put any thought into what you'll do in the fall?
PATRICK REED: Well, if you include this event, it will be 11 or 12 events until January, January 1. So I'm not slowing down. I'm still going. Not only am I playing here but I'm also playing on The European Tour, playing over there and fulfilling my membership. It's one of those things that I could be home, practicing seven, eight hours a day, or I could be out here playing a golf tournament, basically six or seven hours a day.

For me, I'm a competitor. Love to compete. Love to be out here with these guys grinding and being in the trenches with them. It's one of those things that, you know, I love playing. I'm going to continue playing.

But next year, we're going to start looking at where are the times to have breaks, because with how the season is now, wraparound and how condensed the majors and World Golf Championships are, we need to make sure we're fresh for those.

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