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August 9, 2019

Slugger White

Dave Donnelly

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Talk about Rory's penalty situation being reversed. Can you explain the situation and how that came about?
SLUGGER WHITE: The rules now, it's two separate rules now -- not separate. It becomes an 8.1 situation, where did he improve. On the 12.2 situation, it says, deliberately touch, okay, deliberately touching to test the condition, of which he did not do.

That's the reason we revert back to the ruling, 8.1, which he touched it, but nothing improved. Dave and I both asked him, you know, "Did you improve?"

He said, "Absolutely not."

Dave was right there and he said, "Absolutely not."

DAVE DONNELLY: He simply touched the clump of sand.

SLUGGER WHITE: Realizing it wasn't a stone, which he's allowed to move, and he was fine with that.

Q. So therefore, he hasn't tested the hazard?

Q. He would be allowed to move if it was a stone?
SLUGGER WHITE: It didn't improve his line of play or his intended swing.

Q. So the clump of stand was still there when he went to play the shot?
SLUGGER WHITE: Yes, indeed.

Q. So you just informed him when he was signing his scorecard?
SLUGGER WHITE: We asked him to wait, and then we wanted to come in and talk to him about it.

Q. Did you all get to review the footage?
SLUGGER WHITE: We saw, but it's really not -- it's very inconclusive to be quite honest. I don't think you can really tell anything there.

DAVE DONNELLY: The video we saw was not close enough to know. When I was there and I looked, and he showed me what it was he touched, I can -- you can still see the clump, where it was.

Q. But when Rory explained that to you, that it had not broken down, that was the point?
SLUGGER WHITE: He said he was 100 percent sure that nothing happened to improve.

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