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August 9, 2019

Megha Ganne

West Point, Mississippi

Q. You didn't have to go to 18 today. After that, did it feel strange, after that, having a match go the distance?
MEGHA GANNE: Yeah, it was really weird not having to catch my breath every shot. It was a lot more peaceful today.

Q. You guys did not have a lot of holes out there.

Q. Seemed like early on it was one of you guys was running a hole?
MEGHA GANNE: Yeah, it was I think the greens sped up today, which kind of threw us off in the beginning. And one of us would drain one and the other one would just miss. So overall it was a really good match.

Q. You're into the semifinals of the Women's Amateur at 15. Would you have ever imagined that coming into the week?
MEGHA GANNE: Kind of. I've known this is where I wanted to be for a while now. And I knew that my game was where it needed to be this week to get this far or even further. I just have to have trust in my training and know that I belong here.

Q. What has really clicked in for you this week? What's gotten you this far in the championship?
MEGHA GANNE: I think being patient with all of my shots because it's a really difficult golf course. And a lot of times par wins the hole. And once you get your mind around that concept, you start to go a little bit higher.

Q. That eagle on the 15, it seemed to be a pretty big one. I know you were three up at the time. But it really kind of put the nail on any hopes that she had probably of coming back?
MEGHA GANNE: That was probably the coolest moment this week to eagle, to have a hole, that's unbelievable. That's just really high-quality golf. That's what I'm here to play for.

Q. And kind of had a late day yesterday?

Q. What was your morning routine today just getting ready for an early tee time and how did that affect --
MEGHA GANNE: I just slept as soon as possible. There's nothing really to get ready for today because it was early. And yesterday I was tired. So obviously I'm going to be tired in the morning. I just have to acknowledge that I'm tired. And club up sometimes, take a little more time over your putts because you might not be all mentally there. So just acknowledging that you are tired is going to help that.

Q. Now you have a whole afternoon to kind of kick back.
MEGHA GANNE: I might take a nap.

Q. Because is it nice not to have a double -- most championships the USGA has is double round, double round and this one you get a little bit of a break. You said you'll take a nap, but also just to get ready for obviously another big match tomorrow.
MEGHA GANNE: Like I said, I'm just going to eat, drink, sleep and probably do nothing else. I don't know what time the match is tomorrow.

Q. 7:45 -- 7:30.
MEGHA GANNE: 7:30. So probably the same routine as today: get up early, drive here, have breakfast and see how I feel.

Q. Have you had the same routine all week?

Q. Nothing, no superstition things, dinner is at the same place every night or anything like that?
MEGHA GANNE: I'm not a superstitious person.

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