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August 9, 2019

Laura Davies

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. What a great round in those conditions. Give us an idea of how extreme that was to play.
LAURA DAVIES: It's probably the second-best round I've probably ever shot because obviously needed to have a good round to make the cut and I had a 6-under 66 in Canada years ago in similar conditions but that's as close as I can get to it. It was horrific out there, and I hope it stays exactly the same way the rest of the day.

Q. You were smiling through some of the worst towards the end?
LAURA DAVIES: Well, what can you do? You know the links-style golf is not going to flood. You know you're out here and just batten down the hatches and hope your caddie keeps the clubs dry. Between us, we got it right.

Q. How much did your experience help?
LAURA DAVIES: The first shot of the day I hit driver and it left me a 4-iron into that 10th and we were hitting wedges the rest of the week and I hit it to about a foot, and a really low 1-under the wind. It helps if you have the little knock-down shots and I hit probably ten or 12 knock-down -- I hit two 1-irons into the 4th, 1-iron off the tee and 1-iron into the green. I've never done that before.

Q. And a hole-in-one?
LAURA DAVIES: 5th hole, lovely wedge, never left the pin. It seemed to roll for ages and just dropped in. That put me where I had a couple to play with, if I had a bad finish if it came, and it didn't.

Q. How many hole-in-ones have you had?

Q. What year was the Canada round?
LAURA DAVIES: That was the year I won in '96, the du Maurier. It was 1996. It wasn't raining so much but it was really galing wind and it was a really tree-lined course, so I say that's my best-ever round.

Q. Waterproofs?
LAURA DAVIES: I don't play in jackets. I've only got soaked now because the last hole I said I couldn't battle the brelly anymore because it was hard. It kept breaking and kept smashing us in the face. It was getting quite ugly out there. Go ahead and get dry now.

Q. Last week a disappointment, nice to bounce back the way you have?
LAURA DAVIES: This is my 11th LPGA event and I missed the first ten cuts. So to make the cut, I know it sounds pathetic at this stage of my career but I'm really pleased.

The reason I'm here is because I still think I'm decent and I think today proves I can play. But last week, finishing stone last in a field of 144, that's the first time that's ever happened. So you doubt yourself a bit, but I know the good shots are there. Just got to keep the bad ones off the card. Today was a good day.

Q. How sobering was that on Friday?
LAURA DAVIES: It's been a horrible year. You miss ten straight cuts on the LPGA, that's unusual for anyone. Justin Rose missed 21, I suppose, so I still have a few to go. But luckily I've stopped the run now. I'm not playing much now till I think -- Solheim Cup obviously I'm not playing but I'll be there, so I've got a few weeks off.

Q. Do you remember what you said after Thursday?

Q. You said that was the worst professional round?
LAURA DAVIES: Oh, the round on Thursday, yeah, because the conditions were perfect.

Q. So you've gone from the worst to the second-best in a week?
LAURA DAVIES: This is true. People say, oh, should you give up and commentate, you're a rubbish golfer now, but I still know I can hit shots and play like that. I've just got to do it and prove it, and that's the only thing. But you can only prove to yourself if you hit the good shots, and like I say, today, I don't know how many greens I hit but it was a lot of greens.

Q. What was the best?
LAURA DAVIES: The hole-in-one obviously was -- the best shot of the day was the 4-iron into the 10th which was my first hole, 155, and it was literally howling. Normally 4-iron is 190 and it was a perfectly struck 4-iron, so I would say that's the best shot of the day.

Q. Are you enjoying the vice captain responsibilities?
LAURA DAVIES: I've not done much. Hopefully she'll need us a bit more during the week of the tournament, but she's the one with all the responsibility and we are just along for the ride and to have a good time to be honest with you. If she needs anything, we'll be there for her.

Q. Given the weather could be like this in Gleneagles, do you think it's good practice for some of The European Team?
LAURA DAVIES: You never want to play in conditions like this. It's just a battle. It's not fun. It's just a battle. I hope it doesn't get like this at Gleneagles because it will ruin the whole thing. The galleries don't want to be out in those -- they are just stood there most of the time and in the grandstands. There will be people dying in the grandstands. It will be awful.

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