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August 8, 2019

Jon Rahm

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. You got on a hot streak making five birdies in a row. How much did that help set the tone for you and put you where you wanted to be today?
JON RAHM: I didn't realize until I think it was until I made the putt on 2 I made so many birdies in a row. I didn't think about it too much. It's obviously a great thing. I think last time I had a streak like that was in Pebble three years ago when I made six in a row.

It definitely helps. It's a great golf course. I think the main difference on those holes and the rest was I just gave myself a couple birdie chances. I didn't start hitting the ball very comfortably and it was right around that time where I made a small adjustment on the swing and I started hitting it closer. The shots on 1,2 -- 18,1 and 2 were much better and I gave myself chances. Still have to make the putts. That was the main difference. They are rolling really good today.

Q. Is this a course where you can make five or six birdies in a row and be aggressive?
JON RAHM: You know, I think I'm a little biased because my group was 21-under. Webb was 6, I was 7, Dustin was 8 and everything looked easy and we fed off each other. One of us was always close and we were trying to get it closer than the next person and making putts. There was a good vibe in the group going on. The only reason why I think it's possible it's a little bit easier is because the greens are so soft. You have a lot of holes where there's slope that's going to push the ball towards the pin and you can be a little aggressive, especially the stretch on 16, it's a short hole and you can make birdie. 17, you can use the hole the left side of the green. 18, behind the pin, you have a little bit of a slope. 1, there's a slope. There's definitely a couple holes but you need to be accurate. The little small areas where those pins are, you don't hit it in the right spot, you can have a tough time making a par. I think today my group played really well and we all happened to make a couple birdies. Dustin finished with almost five in a row making birdie on 5,6,7 and 8. We definitely fed off each other.

Q. When you come out and you know the course is going to be soft and the wind is going to be down, do you feel like you have to take advantage? Is that something that you think about before the round or early in the round?
JON RAHM: No, not really. We know it's possible and it's out there but not that you have to, right. Obviously you get off to a good start and getting a couple birdies early -- but I didn't try to put pressure on myself thinking, oh, I've got to go shoot at least 5- , 6-under, because otherwise if you try to hard, it wouldn't happen.

Q. When you look at the leaderboard, seems like all the guys are playing well right now. Is that because of the type of golf course it is or just because the event, you have all the top players in the season and it just makes sense?
JON RAHM: I don't know. I do believe it favors the long hitter. The rough is not very, very thick. We were pretty aggressive off the tee, and you start taking certain lines and hitting drivers everywhere, with a little bit of like a loose attitude knowing that if you miss a couple shots and still have a chance with the rough, it helps out. But I don't know if it's coincidence or the fact that it's toward the end of the season and all the guys that are playing good are still just keeping a good run going. I really don't know. It could be just coincidence.

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