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August 8, 2019

Justin Thomas

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Where do you feel like your game's at?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I feel like I'm in a great spot. I felt like I played really well my last three events. I just didn't have near as much to show for it as I felt like I should have. I just, you know, I feel like I'm close to getting it -- getting it kind of back to where I want it result-wise, but the thing about this game is it's a fine line.

And I've had kind of a couple holes finishing tournaments the last few events that have cost me a couple top 5s, Top-10, whatever it might be. I feel like I'm really close to winning some more tournaments.

Q. Rory was saying that he watched the Presidents Cup when it was here, and he talked about how it looked like it was playing hard and fast. You played in The Presidents Cup; is it playing dramatically different in your mind?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it's playing quite a bit different. Wind direction obviously can change every day, but I think predominately it's a different direction. It's a lot softer, that's for sure. Hitting some different clubs into some holes that we definitely didn't hit that week.

Overall, there's just like pins that you could get to, you know, with the firm conditions, whereas now being soft, you have some pins that were easier when it's firm that are hard, because you have to control your spin more. So I guess with one comes the other.

But I would have a hard time seeing the scores being this low with how we played at the Presidents Cup.

Q. Surprised you guys played the ball down?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I was before we started, but out there, I was shocked out firm it was. I don't know, I'm sure it was -- those guys probably got more mud balls than we did this afternoon. I had a couple that were iffy that didn't do much but overall, I was pleased. I didn't hit a lot of fairways, though.

Q. Was the wind pretty consistent?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it was tough. It just was nagging. It was always there. You know, that kind of ten to 15, get some good gusts. You get some of the holes by the water, I felt like up to 20-ish. But it was enough to where you really had to pay attention to what you were doing and flight your shots and hit them solid and start them on the lines that you needed, because I hit plenty of shots off the tee that I didn't strike properly and would kind of get sucked up in the wind.

Q. Did sitting out have any lingering effects, just getting out of rhythm?
JUSTIN THOMAS: For sure. It created a lot of rust, but I only missed three events. I missed six weeks but it was only three events. It was fine. It was just boring more than anything. I wanted to go hang out with guys like Rickie Fowler who are out playing every week, you know.

Q. It's supposed to be windy tomorrow morning, too?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I don't know. I hope not but that's a bummer if it is.

Q. Jordan always knows the forecast for the whole week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: He does. But it's weather, it changes all the time.

Q. Do you look at this tournament any different than any other you've played this year, aside from majors? FedExCup Playoffs -- do you look at this more like Memorial?
JUSTIN THOMAS: That's a good question -- I think I do but I mean, I'd maybe have to putt it ahead a little bit.

Q. I'm not trying to equate them?
JUSTIN THOMAS: But in terms of my preparation or?

Q. Your goal this week is to win, and a lot of people thinking about points --
JUSTIN THOMAS: I know if I win one of these next two, I will -- I don't know how I say, win in Atlanta, since that doesn't happen anymore -- the lowest score. I finished lower than everybody else in Atlanta.

I know that I need to play well these next two weeks to have a good chance or better chance. Start more under par.

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