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August 8, 2019

Corey Conners

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Not the easiest of conditions in the afternoon, but you must be pleased with a 66?
COREY CONNERS: Yeah, very pleased with the round. Struck the ball really well and putted really well. It definitely was tricky out there. There was a lot of breeze. The wind was blowing, so it was affecting shots quite a bit.

But yeah, just trust myself. I hit a lot of really solid shots. I drove the ball great with the driver, and putted great. I think I got off to a pretty good start. Made a nice save on my 10th hole, the first hole, after hitting it in the water. So a lot of good things happened, and yeah, I feel great about the game.

Q. It seems like conditions were different for the morning guys and for the afternoon guys. The guys in the morning posted a score. Were you aware of what's going on or were you just zeroed in on your own game?
COREY CONNERS: I saw some of the scores from this morning and knew guys were going to be taking it low. I knew it was going to be key to be aggressive and try to make some birdies. I wasn't expecting the wind to be up quite as much as it was, but pretty happy with the way I was able to get the ball around.

Q. Is this a reflection of the way you've been playing the last few weeks?
COREY CONNERS: Yeah, I think my game's been really close. I didn't get a lot out of the game last week. I felt like I was playing great and I just didn't post the low scores that I needed to. Definitely came in here with a lot of confidence and yeah, just trying to stick to what I've been doing. I've been playing well for a while.

Q. You attended the International Team meeting with Ernie Tuesday. Is that in your mind at all this week or next couple weeks?
COREY CONNERS: Definitely. It's really motivating to work towards that and try, and even be in the conversation is pretty cool. Yeah, it's really exciting opportunity and I'm definitely going to be working hard the next few weeks and trying to earn my spot on the team.

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