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August 8, 2019

Kenzie Wright

West Point, Mississippi

Q. This morning you had a real -- you knocked in a great putt on 17, and that was probably the difference. Did you carry any momentum from that into your afternoon match?
KENZIE WRIGHT: Definitely. Getting a couple extra holes in the morning match definitely helped, just keeping the momentum, and I started out strong in the second match in the afternoon, and lost a little bit of momentum in the middle and then got it back towards the end. It definitely helped me out.

Q. The loss of momentum, do you think that was a little bit of fatigue, considering it's a long day, it's hot, you're playing a lot of golf shots?
KENZIE WRIGHT: Yeah, definitely. It's kind of to be expected. I lost a couple and then kind of realized, okay, here we go, I'm ready to get some back.

Q. What were your expectations coming in because I don't know if you've played the Women's Amateur before.
KENZIE WRIGHT: I haven't, no. This is my first year.

Q. I know you've played the Four-Ball once and didn't make the cut. What did you think about your game coming in, and have you exceeded everything that you thought coming in?
KENZIE WRIGHT: Yeah, definitely. My biggest goal was be top 15, top 10 in stroke play, just be in a good position, be seeded well, and match play-wise, I've played pretty well in match play this year, so I was taking off the experiences from like East Lake Cup we play in and just kind of learning from that and using that here and just kind of taking it match by match and just seeing how it goes.

Q. What's your summer been like? Have you had some decent results?
KENZIE WRIGHT: Yeah, actually this was a pretty light summer for me. I had to take a class in June, so I just practiced in June and then played the qualifier to get in here July 1st and played the Texas Amateur and played decent there, not bad. But it's been a pretty light summer.

Q. So that was basically it, Texas Amateur and this?

Q. Some of these girls played 10 events in the summer. What's clicked this week? What's been the factor that's allowed you to make a deep run?
KENZIE WRIGHT: Yeah, I think just -- I think I've worked so long and so hard to get here, just to the tournament itself, and I want to really take advantage of it while I'm here. There's been years that I've been really close to qualifying and I haven't gotten in. Just taking full advantage of being here for the first time I think definitely is a big motivator.

Q. And you're one of the older -- you're almost 22.

Q. There's 14-, 15-, 16-year-old kids in this.
KENZIE WRIGHT: Yeah, exactly. I feel like I'm a little, like you said, the older ones, so I definitely wanted to bring that experience in.

Q. Well, you get exempt for next year, as well, by being a quarterfinalist. I'm sure you knew that.
KENZIE WRIGHT: Yeah, I actually just found that out.

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