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August 8, 2019

Aneka Seumanutafa

West Point, Mississippi

Q. It looked like you were cruising and all of a sudden it started to leak a little bit. Did you start thinking, oh, no, am I going to blow this thing?
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Not really. I was just steady. She fought back really hard. She made some quality shots out there. But I didn't feel like I was losing it out there. I was just playing my own game, just trying to stay focused.

Q. What do you tell yourself when things start to go like that?
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: That you know you're talented, you know you can do it, just stay focused. Your game is out there, it's on the golf course.

Q. You're into the quarterfinals. I don't know what your expectations were at the start of the week. I know at the four-ball you guys were medalists and then you got beat in the first round. This week you weren't medalist but good scores in stroke play. Now you're in the quarters. Talk about what that means to you.
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: So I played in this, I think it was at Portland, and I only made it to the round of 32 or 16, something like that. But making it to the quarterfinals and representing Ohio State, it means a lot. Yeah, there's not a lot of Hawaiian golfers out there, so representing for everyone out there.

Q. Michelle, and obviously Alison was here this week.
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Yeah, but like actually Hawaiian. Well, they're from Hawai'i, but I'm like Hawaiian, Samoan, German and Chinese.

Q. You are going to be a sophomore at Ohio State?
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: At Ohio State, yes.

Q. A little inspiration from what Jillian did a couple weeks ago?
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Yeah, we all cheered her on. Ohio State was behind her, so pretty sure Buckeye Nation is behind me, too.

Q. How about playing two rounds today? You haven't had to do rounds at all this week, in the heat today. It wasn't as bad today as it was yesterday, but it was still hot.
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Yeah, well, college we play two rounds constantly, so it wasn't that bad for me. I didn't feel fatigued. I didn't feel tired at all because we keep in shape, which is good, good for playing 36 holes.

Q. Game plan for tomorrow?
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: I'm hitting the ball pretty good, hitting it pretty solid, so just stick to my game plan, and it should work out.

Q. You are named for Annika Sorenstam, correct?

Q. You've met her, but you didn't tell her --
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Yeah, I haven't told her that I was named after her, but probably she knows now.

Q. And it was spelled differently on purpose?
ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: So it's the Hawaiian version of Annika. But I'm named after her, and it's very inspirational to follow in her footsteps.

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